Roger Taylor on Queen and Adam Lambert new music We touched on something (EXCLUSIVE)

Queen’s Roger Taylor admits meeting Adam Lambert was ‘fate’

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Last year, Queen and Adam Lambert released their first album together in Live Around The World. The record was a UK No 1 featuring highlights from the band’s concerts over the last decade. But did you know that the collaboration have also been working on brand new music together?

A year ago, Brian May teased on Rock and Roll with Sammy Hager Road Trip that Queen and Adam Lambert had been in the studio together.

The 73-year-old said at the time: “I do a bit of recording here and there. We haven’t recorded…well…

“We have recorded with Adam in secret. But we haven’t felt it was right to put it out. We didn’t think we hit the right kind of vibe.”

And now have caught up with Queen drummer Roger Taylor, who gave an update on the band’s new music.

Roger told us: “Well we haven’t done a lot actually because obviously Adam most of the time’s been in LA.

“But we touched on something and I would love to do something in the future because he’s such a magnificent talent.

“He’s truly one of the greatest singers in the world. So it would be nice to do something, but we don’t really have anything ready.”

The 71-year-old did point out that for the time being Queen and Adam Lambert have released their live album, but who knows if they’ll put out some new tracks at a later date? The drummer certainly seems keen when the time right.

In the meantime, Queen and Adam Lambert are set to tour the UK and Europe next summer after two tour postponements due to the pandemic.

While Roger is gearing up for his own solo tour this October to coincide with his brand new album Outsider.

This marks his first solo record since 2013’s Fun on Earth, although he has released a couple of singles since then.

Most recently was Isolation, which he recorded in the first lockdown, reflecting on life in the pandemic.

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Roger told us last year: “We were in beautiful Cornwall, which is a great place to be isolated.

“We had plenty of space, but y’know like everybody else we had the same anxieties and uncertainties about what was happening.

“I started off by doing drum lessons for beginners out of my basement in Cornwall and that kept me occupied. And then I was sitting in my garden shed and wrote the song. It’s really a reflection of what it was like sitting in isolation.”

On his calm and smooth track, the Queen drummer reflected: “Time’s been slowing up and you have to fill your day literally.”

Roger added: “You sort of devise a routine. It’s a really odd situation that almost everyone has found themselves in unless, of course, you happen to be a frontline NHS worker in which case it would have been a right old worry.”

And just like the tracks on his upcoming Outsider album, the 71-year-old pretty much plays all the instruments on the record.

He said: “I’ve always liked working that way for solo stuff actually because it’s just you and your creative input. No arguments with anybody!”

Roger Taylor’s new solo album Outsider is released on October 1 and can be pre-ordered here.

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