Rihanna Drops First New Music in Three Years and Her Fans Are Not Happy About It

RiRi features on PartyNextDoor’s newest track “Believe It” — which her fans are really, really, really hoping means her new album is coming soon.

As fans continue to clamor for new music from Rihanna, a surprise drop seemed like it might have answered their prayers after four long years.

No, it wasn’t the long-awaited "R9," as they’ve dubbed her forthcoming — someday — ninth studio album, but it was Rihanna collaborating with another artist. She’s had plenty of very cool collabos throughout her career, so this should suffice to tide those fans over as they continue to wait and wait and wait…

And wait…

And wait for that album to drop. Right?

Immediately, PartyNextDoor’s "Believe It" started trending, and Rihanna herself shot to number one as her fans voraciously jumped onto their favorite streaming service to hear what glory she had unleashed upon the world. Her fashion line is great. Her philanthropic efforts in response to COVID-19 are inspirational.

But the music is where it’s at. Except, this isn’t that. Even the track’s official image has Rihanna’s name boldly plastered in the upper right-hand side in the same size font as PartyNextDoor. And yet, it would be extremely generous to say their roles on the track are comparable.

What she’s bringing to the collaboration, apparently, is her fanbase’s huge appetite for new music. Oh, and five words.

While it’s always great to find yourself trending when you’ve released new music, it looks like the biggest reaction to Rihanna’s first music after such a long wait is, "What? That’s it?!"

Their only point of solace during these trying times is that the release of any new music with Rihanna’s voice on it might just signal that we are inching ever closer to the release of "R9."

What better gift could she have for her fans during this era of self-isolation and quarantine than a full-length album release. She’s got their attention now with this tiny, tiny surprise. Now how about blasting them with the big guns … both barrels (ooooh, double-album?)!

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