Rapper Ice Cube Sues Trading App ‘Robinhood’

Ice Cube has always been a strong, outspoken person that has no problem calling things the way he sees them. This time is no exception. It appears that trading app Robinhood has ripped off his image and has even gone so far as to misquote him, seemingly for the purpose of making it appear as though he endorses their brand. In an effort to set the record straight, and to ensure there’s no room for misinterpretation, Ice Cube is sending a very clear message… he has officially filed a lawsuit against Robinhood. TMZ confirms the battle will officially unfold in the courtroom, and judging by what has been revealed so far, Ice Cube won’t have to work very hard to prove his point.

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Robinhood is a trading app that Ice Cube doesn’t want anything to do with, whatsoever. He doesn’t endorse or promote them, nor does he want his likeness associated with their brand in any way.  Yet somehow, the app has slapped his image onto their website, alongside his lyrics, which also happen to be misquoted.

None of this is acceptable to Ice Cube. Immediately upon discovering this had occurred, he contacted Robinhood, requesting that everything be removed, but unfortunately, they refused to cooperate.

The representatives at Robinhood had a very different story to tell.

TMZ reports their reaction to Ice Cube as being; “No, we didn’t use his image without permission. The image was licensed and used for non-commercial, editorial purposes in connection with a blog article.”

The Robinhood quote reads; “Correct yourself, before you wreck yourself” which is a play on words and eerily similar to his famous lyrics in Check Yo Self. Claiming that this photo placement and attempted quote make it appear as though he is in some way associated with their brand, Ice Cube is pushing back.

Ice Cube firmly believes this to be a violation of the Lanham Act, which clearly prohibits the misappropriation of someone’s likeness. He also declares that he’s not the only one that has fallen victim to this cruel exploitation.

The Hollywood Reporter indicates that the official complaint reads as follows; “In a cynical effort to appeal to a young demographic, Robinhood has engaged celebrity endorsers such as Jay-Z, Nas, and Jared Leto to endorse its products and services. However, in an act of unmitigated gall and transparent retribution, Robinhood and its subsidiary have now used the image and likeness of Ice Cube — without his permission — to promote Robinhood’s terrible products and services. Robinhood has picked on the wrong man this time.”

Clearly both sides stand widely apart on this matter, and Ice Cube is determined to see this through to the fullest extent of the law.

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Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, TMZ

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