Randy Rainbow Is A ‘Coumosexual’ In A COVID-19 Love Song To The New York Governor

Your mom isn’t the only one who’s developed a huge crush on Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, YouTube star Randy Rainbow dedicated his latest parody song to New York’s chief executive — saying toward the end of the song that he identifies as “a Cuomosexual.” The video has become so popular that #cuomosexual was trending on Twitter Monday evening.

In Rainbow’s song, titled “Andy!,” Rainbow expresses the comfort he gets from Cuomo’s daily press briefings while the comedian is in quarantine, singing:

“You run my state/ while I gain weight/ with grace and dignity/ Oh, Andy/ Please, be my dad/ Oh, Andy.”

The parody ― a riff on “Sandy” from “Grease,” sung by John Travolta in the 1978 film ― has plenty of nods to the movie. The background singers (which, are, well, all Rainbow) are dressed up as the “Grease” character Frenchie in pink wigs. Rainbow also transforms himself into Travolta’s character of Danny halfway through the video, and does a spoken word bit just like Danny does in “Sandy” (which you can see Travolta doing in the below video at the 1:37 mark).

During Rainbow’s mid-song monologue in “Andy,” he says:

“Andy my darling, this global pandemic is scaring me real bad. But watching your daily press briefings sure does calm me down. The way you manage to lead and inform without terrifying the living shit out of me or straying from the facts. And still find time to nurture my delicate spirit with adorable slide shows and relatable anecdotes about meatballs. You’re wise, levelheaded, eloquent and sexy and a time when the world needs it most. It sure is a refreshing change from that motherf—… aw gee, I won’t get into specifics.”

Fans of Rainbow loved the song on Twitter:

And if you’re not entirely sold yet, the song also has a few sweet (albeit thirsty) shout-outs to the governor’s brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who announced last week that he tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

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