Queen Camilla had a Coronation hair colour refresh from her go-to of 30 years

Queen Camilla ensured that her iconic blonde hair looked its very best for the biggest day of her life by booking a pre-Coronation appointment “very recently” with her trusted colourist of over 30 years.

The Queen has been a regular client of Jo Hansford since the award-winning colourist opened her salon doors in Mayfair over 30 years ago. So, naturally, there was only one person to give Queen Camilla's hair colour a final polish ahead of the Coronation.

While the salon is too discreet to give any details, OK! has been informed the final appointment happened “very recently”.

However, Jo herself can be open about her long and warm relationship with her most famous client. “She (Queen Camilla) has come to the salon since it first opened 30 years ago this year and I was her colourist for five years before that,” says Jo. “Ahead of big moments, we will always diarise dates to ensure the colour is perfect."

"I’ve changed the Queen’s hair over a period of time as obviously everyone’s skin tone changes as they get older, so you have to soften the hair colour.”

"Her current shade really complements her skin colour and it was a mutual de.cision between us because that’s how it has to be. The colour really suits her and if you see it in real life it looks much softer."

It’s also a personal relationship as well as a professional one, adds Jo. “We get on incredibly well, because our children are the same age, and we both have grandchildren. She has a fantastic sense of humour, she really does.”

Although Jo isn’t able to say which specific products she uses on the Queen, she can share her general advice on at-home care. "It’s important to maintain a decent level of condition if you are having your hair coloured regularly; these are usually long appointments, but it’s worth it. Do it properly or don’t do it at all.”

Her hero products include Jo Hansford Everyday Shampoo, £18; Jo Hansford Everyday Conditioner, £20; Jo Hansford Voluminous Spray £19.50, all available here – if you fancy giving your hair some royal treatment.

At 75, Queen Camilla also follows the guidance Jo has for all women of her age. “As a rule, hair shouldn’t fall past the shoulders if you’re over 70. I don’t think it does you any favours,” says Jo. “Any cut that sits around the jawline is uplifting and youthful.”

While Jo is only responsible for her colour, she notes that Queen Camilla’s hairstyle is ideal for her new role.

“It’s flicky, but not flicky to the extent where it doesn’t look natural. She manages it very well herself and is not a high-maintenance person at all. She likes gardening and being in nature so she prefers her look to be low-maintenance."

"The Queen has always had the same type of hairstyle, with a fringe that tends to fall forward, and it suits her 100 per cent. It’s a style that works with a hat or a tiara. She doesn’t tie it back, which is what most people do when they’re wearing a tiara.”


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