Protect Your Cherished Memories With These Stylish Photo Books

One of the most priceless things you have in life are your memories, so keeping precious photos safe and in one spot is a must. From newborn photo books to their college graduation, photos are something that tell your family’s story like words can’t alone and can be passed down for generations to come. It’s essential to have a newborn photo book so you can look back at how they’ve grown and share with them when they’re older. To keep the memories alive, it’s also fun to create photo albums for their grade school days to college and important life events in between.

There are so many gorgeous photo book styles to choose from, so it really comes down to your personal preference when you’re picking out one that will house your favorite life memories. Many baby photo books feature slots in the front so you can showcase your baby’s first sonogram picture, which is a nice touch. What is more important is choosing a photo book that will have enough space for all of your photos, so that is something to consider. You can look at things like number of pockets or how many years it accounts for. Below, we’ve rounded up the best photo books to make preserving precious memories easy and fun.

1. Pioneer Leatherette Album

If you’re looking to preserve your favorite photos, there’s no doubt that you want them to be protected in something durable. This leather-like cover on this photo book will stand the test of time and ensure that the precious photos inside are protected for years to come. It comes with 200 pockets to house your 4 x 6 inch photos and features an embossed baby design on the front to make storing your baby’s photos easy and cute. Next to each photo page, there’s a memo area for you to jot quick notes and dates so you know what you’re looking at.

2. Lierb Photo Book

If you’ve got a thing for color and polka dots, this rainbow colored photo book will delight you. This gender-neutral photo book will fit five years of your baby’s memories so you can record every milestone in their first years. It comes with charming stickers to decorate your pages and features pockets so you can store loose items you want to keep in a safe place. This premium baby book functions as a simple scrapbook to take your photos to the next level.

3. Pearhead

Keep things simple and classic with this black and white polka-dotted photo book. It has an opening for a photo on the front so you can display your newborn’s first photo or sonogram picture so you know what’s inside. This photo book will fit your baby’s five first years of photos inside so you can see how they grew up through photos. It includes 50 guided journal pages, so you can make important notes by each photo so you or others looking at it know where and when the photo was taken.

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