Princess Diana Struggled With Thoughts of Camilla Before She and Prince Charles Were Even Married: ‘[I Was] Obsessed'

“Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Princess Diana’s infamous words about Prince Charles’ affair were some of the loudest words ever spoken by the royal family. Diana and Charles were married for a total of 15 years, and for most of that time, Camilla Parker Bowles was in the picture. But Diana’s recordings for biographer Andrew Morton reveal that she was “obsessed” with thoughts of Camilla long before she even walked down the aisle.

Princess Diana nearly called off her wedding after Charles gifted Camilla a bracelet two days prior

When Charles and Diana started dating, he was still in love with Camilla. But upon returning from serving in the British Navy, Camilla had already wed, and Charles was left without a partner. His family pressured him to marry, since he was the future king, and he and Diana had known each other for several years. It seemed fitting.

Though Diana and Charles got along at first, it was never true love; Charles always had Camilla on his mind, and Diana had even overheard him saying he’d “always love” her. But when Diana learned Charles had visited Camilla and gifted her a bracelet two days before the wedding, she wanted to call the whole thing off. Her sisters told her it was too late to “chicken out,” so she went through with it.   

Diana revealed that she was ‘obsessed’ with thoughts of Camilla prior to marrying Charles

Diana knew from early on that something was happening between Charles and Camilla, but she revealed in her recordings that she was too “immature” to understand it and do something about it. Instead, her mind was flooded with thoughts of Camilla. Even on Charles and Diana’s honeymoon, Camilla was on her mind.

“My dreams were appalling,” Diana said. “At night I dreamt of Camilla the whole time.” Diana also said she had become “obsessed” with thinking about Charles’ mistress. “Obsessed by Camilla totally. Didn’t trust [Charles], thought every five minutes he was ringing her up asking how to handle his marriage.”

Still, Diana’s thoughts of Camilla started even before she wed. Once she overheard Charles’ conversation saying he’d love her forever, she couldn’t get Camilla out of her mind. “I was devastated,” Diana said of learning about the bracelet.

Diana said Camilla was the first person she looked for at her wedding

From the moment Diana and Charles started dating, she noticed Camilla was always around. And when the doors opened and Diana prepared to walk down the aisle at her wedding, Camilla was the first person she looked for.

“As I walked up the aisle, I was looking for [Camilla]… I spotted Camilla, pale grey, veiled pillbox hat, saw it all… To this day, vivid memory,” Diana said. She also revealed that she had “sobbed my eyes out” two days before the wedding but that she remained calm on her actual wedding day. Still, in her recordings, she called the entire wedding “ridiculous.”  

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