Princess Anne body language shows ‘natural mother daughter bond’ with Camilla

Princess Anne is the only daughter of the Queen and Prince Philip. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has been a royal since marrying Prince Charles in 2005. Are they friends?


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Princess Anne married Timothy Laurence in a ceremony Balmoral in 1992.

Many years before tying the knot, Princess Anne had briefly dated Andrew Parker Bowles.

Andrew later went on to wed Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and the couple were married for 22 years.

While this could have been awkward when Camilla joined the Royal Family, the royal ladies seem to have a good relationship, body language expert Judi James said.

“Their touch rituals in public are telling,” Judi told

“One meeting at a racecourse shows both women wearing what look like delighted smiles and eye contact.

“Anne has extended one hand palm-up, which Camilla has then placed her own hand over in a sign of affection.

“The affection isn’t one-sided either, Anne’s fingers are curled up around Camilla’s thumb in a reciprocal gesture.”

Both royals have attended official events together as working members of the Royal Family.

Their close friendship was proven again as they attended the Christmas Day church service with the royals last year.

While Princess Anne will usually appear reserved in public, she was happy to share a joke with Camilla.

Judi added: “As Princess Anne walked up to the church entrance she went to join Camilla, who had clearly spotted the fact that they had both opted to wear matching, eye-catching purple outfits.


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“Camilla pointed this out with a fun, elbowing gesture aimed at Anne and the two women laughed together.

“With any other royal but Anne this might have been unimportant but the Queen’s daughter is a woman who has often appeared to keep a polite and sometimes frosty-looking distance from some of the royal wives.

“This signal of what looked like easy-going friendship and shared fun with Camilla, who can often appear tense and rather anxious in public, did seem like a first.”

Not only does the Queen’s daughter get on well with her sister-in-law, Judi suggested her behaviour is almost maternal.

“The outfit ‘clash’ has happened before,” the expert continued, “with both women wearing identical colours and then mirroring one another’s body language as they stood in public together.

“Anne has never shown signs of being particularly close to her brother Charles.

“However, she does seem to share a natural friendship that could even border on a daughter/mother bond with Camilla.”

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