Popeyes Jumps On the Stock Market Frenzy With Free "Tendies" for All

Popeyes is getting to the only “tendies” it knows — delicious, deep-fried chicken tenders. Rifting off the recent stockmarket excitement brought on by day traders, where tendies means gains/profits from trading, Popeyes is giving away free three-piece chicken tenders with a minimum $5 USD purchase.

The best part about this promotion is the codes that are required to redeem the free chicken. The chicken can be redeemed through the Popeyes app or online with the use of the codes: “$GME,” “$AMC,” “$BB,” and “$NOK.” The fast-food chain also tweeted the message: “Tendies aren’t for the elite few. They’re for everyone.”

In other food news, McDonald’s Japan releases archival footage of its first restaurant in Tokyo.
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