Piers Morgan left dancing manically after Happy Mondays Bez made him food

Former Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan revealed that a burger cooked by Happy Mondays member, Bez, was not what it seemed and that he was left feeling the effects for hours while attending a barbecue at Ronald Biggs’ home in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The 56-year-old broadcaster recently shared a throwback photo of himself alongside Shaun Ryder of Black Grape and Bez, taken at the English criminal’s house.

Piers tweeted: “Great to see Bez on CelebrityMasterChef.

“He once made me burgers during a party at Ronnie Biggs' home in Rio and I've no idea what was in them but it twisted my melons man and I danced manically for the next 10 hours.”

The journalist had previously spoken about the peculiar anecdote back in 2017, when he was hosting GMB along with Susanna Reid.

In the funny episode, Piers was joined by his old friend, Shaun, who was invited to talk about his then-upcoming tour.

Piers was seen recounting the kooky story which took place when he was at the time working as a showbiz writer.

"I used to be the showbiz correspondent at The Sun, and the best laugh we ever had was at Ronnie Biggs' house in Rio de Janeiro at a BBQ,” the former presenter explained.

He continued: "Bez from the Happy Monday's did the BBQ, and I've never found out what he put in those burgers but I had a very, very over excited eight hours."

As the men and Piers' co-host Susanna laughed, he continued: "I don't think it was chilli sauce was it?"

Still laughing at the memory, Shaun said: "No I don't think so."

The singer added: "Oh you were flying. You were cooking, dude."

Nevertheless, the picture depicting the outlandish story has not been well received on social media.

Moreover, people were quick to point out the fact that Piers sounded "too proud" to have attended a party hosted by a criminal who helped plan and carry out the Great Train Robbery of 1963.

A person tweeted: “Why would you want to party with Ronnie Biggs?”

Another user replied: “Tell us, did you ever party at the home of Jack Mills, the driver who was forced into retirement by the injuries he sustained during the Great Train robbery?”

Other people commented in excitement as one person wrote: “Wow, Bez, burgers and Ronnie Biggs, Rio, rock & roll man.”

Bez was among the first group of stars who took part in Celebrity MasterChef on Monday night, alongside the likes of EastEnders' Rita Simons.

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