Photographer Reveals How He Covered Prince Philip’s Funeral In The Most Unobtrusive Way

A press photographer managed to take intimate pictures of the royal family during Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday in the most inconspicuous way.

Arthur Edwards, the royal photographer for The Sun newspaper, sat for three hours inside a fake pillar right outside St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle where the pared-down service for the Duke of Edinburgh took place.

And the unobtrusive spot could have been at the behest of the late prince himself, Edwards told ITV’s “Lorraine” on Monday.

“He organized the whole of the funeral arrangements and there’s never been a position by the west door in a hide before and he was a very keen birdwatcher and built several hides up at Sandringham so I figured it must have been his idea,” he explained.

Edwards, 80, said Buckingham Palace provided him with lunch and “a big, puffy, soft cushion with a crown on to sit on.”

The three hours “went like lightning,” he added.

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