Peter Andre hints son Junior would be kicked out if he rebels against rules

Peter Andre has joked that should his son Junior "rebel" he may just kick him out during a new interview.

As the pair came together for a father’s day photoshoot from their home in Surrey, they spoke to The Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine about their relationship.

When asked about his thoughts on turning 16, Junior said: "Yeah, I’ll be driving in a year. I cannot wait, that’s my dream right now. I can drive wherever I want."

Peter then responded with how he felt about Junior growing up so quickly and his problem with being a parent as his son wants things he’s against.

He said: "It’s crazy to think about. For his birthday he wants things I really don’t want him to have. For example, earrings, a moped and
a few other things,

I get why he wants the earrings and he’s a good-looking lad, but it scares me. I’m scared of the moped as I’ve never ridden a motorbike, but Junior has assured me they can only go 30mph and can’t go on certain roads.

"So maybe I’m overthinking it. He could rebel, but then the difference is he wouldn’t be coming into my house! Maybe I’ll agree to one of his requests… or none."

Father-of-four Peter laughed as he made the comments, showing that their bond is strong and he’s willing to make sacrifices in his own comfort as his son becomes his own person.

Speaking earlier and their relationship, the former I'm A Celebrity star gushed about how much he loves being able to spend time with his son as he nears adulthood.

He said: "He’s nearly 16 but I feel like I’m a young 48-year-old and we’ve got to the stage now where we can go out for a coffee and have a really nice time together.

"He has a heart of gold and he’s a beautiful kid.

"I couldn’t be prouder of the person he’s grown into. I can be strict but at the same time he knows if he’s ever concerned or upset he can talk to me about absolutely everything."

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