People who ‘peaked’ when they were young share hilarious ‘glow-down’ photos

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A woman has kicked off a new trend asking people to share their dramatic changes after claiming she "peaked" at school.

People across the internet have been sharing their before and after photos as part of the "glow-up" challenge – where they say they have reached their full look potential since puberty.

But Gabrielle, from Cairns in Australia, believes she's had the opposite change happen, calling it her "glow-down".

She took to TikTok to start the "challenge", encouraging her fans to share their best-looking pictures in the past.

The mum-to-be says: "So I’ve been seeing these trends on TikTok of people sharing their glow ups.

"It's all fine and well confrontations for hitting puberty. Go you.

"But what I want to see is people’s glow down. Because it’s people like me who physically peaked in high school.

"The hottest I've ever been was when I was 18. I look nothing like that now.

"So I want to challenge all of you to show me a photo of when you were your hottest compared to what you look like now.

"We’ll call it the glow down challenge."

Since she posted the clip last month, more than 2.8 million people have taken part in the #glowdownchallenge.

In one hilarious post, a woman claims she reckons she"‘peaked in lower sixth".

A bold man says he looked the best when he was 18 years old and he shared a picture of his younger self with fully-grown hair.

Another woman, who calls herself "queen of the glow down", believes she looked best at 19.

But viewers were quick to comment that they looked as beautiful as they were, only with the difference of without makeup and hairstyling.

One said: "We are all going through a glow down in the past few months thanks to the quarantine."

Another wrote: "Girlfriend you are gorgeous. The only thing that has changed is your hair colour and style. And you rock all looks!"

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