People shared snaps of their cats misbehaving in hilarious ways

Feline naughty! Mischievous cats are captured on their very WORST behaviour in hilarious snaps – including a moggy who emptied the kitchen bin

  • People from all over the world have been sharing funny snaps of their cats
  • In one photo, Persian cat was caught biting the corner of their owner’s computer
  • In another, a cat on a diet wreaked havoc on his owner’s bin in furious retaliation 

Cats don’t really care what humans think of them – enabling them to create mischievous mayhem at leisure.

In a hugely funny gallery by Bored Panda, cat lovers from across the globe have been sharing photos of some of the naughty antics their kitties have been getting up to.

Where to begin? One cat was caught sleeping in his owner’s salad lunch. 

Another exasperated cat lover photographed his as it desperately tried to eat the corner of a laptop. And in one cute snap, a cat was revealed to have stolen the family bunny’s favourite spot in their cage….miaow!

Stop working, time to play! One cat from the US had an extreme way of asking their owner for attention while they were working from home

‘What?’ One pet owner, believed to be from the US, revealed how their ‘hangry’ cat did not like being put on a diet 

Very sleepy kitty! A cat owner revealed how his pet fell asleep right in his salad bowl at lunch

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Cheeky: This little bunny seemed distraught when the house cat decided to take his place in his cage 

In Texas, one feline’s attempt at recreating the horror movie classic Psycho did not amuse his owner 

A parent from New York shared this picture of their cat crashing their daughter’s online class in the most awkward way 

And this cat added some feline flair to a freshly painted pedestrian crossing 

No regrets! This cat didn’t seem bothered when their owner showed them the headphone they had bitten off 

In the US, this cat was caught red handed as he tried to eat the house plant dangling from the light 

This little fur ball, believed to be from the US, wouldn’t leave her owner’s hair alone – while she was on the loo

Not a litter tray: This feline waited until his owner was looking the other way to pee in the 20 cups of rice she had just poured 

Hide and seek! This adorable thief tried to steal some bread and got caught in the bag

Nothing is off limits for this cat, who gladly sat on the cat his owners had stored on top of a vending machine  – where they thought she wouldn’t reach it. How wrong they were

A cat owner from Bangkok, Thailand, installed a camera and found out his cat was sitting on his face at night, keeping him from breathing properly

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