People share the realities of what it's like to be transgender at work

Transgender people reveal how they’re REALLY treated in the workplace – from being too scared to tell ‘close-minded’ colleagues in case they lose their job to thought of as ‘less qualified’ since coming out

  • Transgender people posted their experiences at work on Whisper sharing app 
  • Some said on the anonymous US-based community were afraid of losing job
  • Others said coworkers had started to treat them different after they’d come out 

Transgender people have revealed how they are really treated in the workplace in anonymous eye-opening confessions.

Taking to US-based sharing app Whisper, transgender people from across the globe have opened up about how their transitioning has impacted their job and relationship with ‘close-minded’ co-workers.

While some who haven’t yet come out in the workplace admitted they are afraid of losing their job if anyone finds out, others told how they have been treated as ‘less qualified’ since being open about their journey.

Elsewhere, another who was born male and is transgender but not out, admitted to having an ‘odd mix of fear and excitement’ in the office, adding she is always afraid someone will notice the ‘pantylines’ or see the ‘lace over the waistband.’

People from across the globe have revealed what it’s really like to be trans in the workplace. One person, from an unknown location, said they were afraid of coming out because they are in a ‘position of power’

One employee, from the US, told how ‘judgmental’ coworkers failed to see that the way they identified didn’t affect their job performance

One person, believed to be from the US, who had never told anyone at work that they had transitioned admitted they were apprehensive about being found out 

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Another, from the US, who had just come out as trans said they didn’t feel ‘relieved’ even though everyone thought they ought to be 

One person, who lives in a small community believed to be in the UK, admitted they would be scared to lose their job if they came out due to ‘close-minded’ colleagues

Another trans person, from an unknown location, told how they wanted to scream from the rooftops that they were trans at work, but were afraid of what people would think

A disgruntled team member, believed to be from the US, said their coworkers treat them badly because they are openly trans

A young trans person, from the US, revealed their older coworkers who knew they had transitioned had made passes at them 

Another, from the US, explained that since coming out as trans, coworkers had started to treat them differently

A trans employee, from the US, celebrated receiving a badge with their new, true name at work, and said no one questioned it 

A trans woman, from the US, said she was accidentally outed by a manager who used her legal name and the wrong pronoun to talk about her 

One person, from the US, revealed they had to listen to their coworkers making fun of trans people 

One person, from an unknown location, shared their joy at the fact their company used their chosen name on their paperwork, and that only one person knew about their transition 

One person, from the US, announced they would soon try to come out as trans in the workplace because it was the one place where people didn’t know their true self 

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