People reveal VERY creative inventions to tackle everyday problems

People reveal the VERY creative inventions they’ve made to tackle everyday problems – including using a storage box as a bath and a back-to-front hoodie as a puppy carrier

  • People from across globe have shared creative ways they overcame problems   
  • Among hacks, shared by Bored Panda, include woman using a box as bath tub 
  • Elsewhere, a man donned hoodie backwards to help carry puppy while shopping

Whether it’s a laptop that refuses to stay open, hot oil splashing you whilst cooking or crying when chopping onions, we all have small problems that we encounter every day. 

But rather than putting up with life’s little frustrations, a selection of savvy people from across the globe have shared their clever DIY solutions.

These snaps, collated by Bored Panda, include using a round-headed key if you don’t have a pound coin for a shopping trolley, and filling a large plastic box with soapy water if you haven’t got a bath tub.

Elsewhere, a music lover colour-coordinated his ear buds so that he doesn’t get the left and right mixed up, while a pet lover decided to turn a cowboy hat into a dog cone.   

A clever horse owner, from an unknown location, decided to use a bra as an eye patch to help protect the horse from an eye infection 

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No bath, no problem! We’ve all had days where we long for a soak in the bath, and for this savvy woman, from an unknown location, a box filled with soapy water did the trick

No tears here! One woman, from an unknown location, refused to cry while cutting onions – donning ski goggles for extra protection

Puppy love! This inventive dog owner, from an unknown location, has shown how a back-to-front hoodie can serve as the perfect dog carrier while out shopping

If you’re forever putting your ear buds in the wrong ears, this could be the trick for you! One music lover, from an unknown location, colour coded their earphones using the rubber attachments

This clever dog owner, from an unknown location, saved himself money by utilising a cowboy hat as an anti-scratch dog cone

Sew good! One individual, from an unknown location, was struggling to sew seams on her uniform – until she realised she could mark the measurement on her thumb nail

When the hinge on their laptop broke, this clever student, from an unknown location, decided to duct tape a picture frame to the laptop lid

Just roll with it! An empty loo roll has been placed under the toilet seat by the previous occupant as a kind warning sign to the next

Suited and booted! A young man, from an unknown location, posed with a pair of trousers acting as a suit jacket

If you’re ever out shopping and forget a pound coin for the trolley, then try inserting the round head of a key instead 

One person’s grandma, from an unknown location, came up with her own unconventional defence against hot splashing oil while frying food

Screw loose! When dismantling a flat pack piece of furniture, its always good to remember where the screws go – punching them through a piece of labelled cardboard could help 

Flower power! When this granddad, from an unknown location, splashed bleach on his top, he decided to take it one step further and created a floral pattern

Messy pup! After one owner, from an unknown location, noticed their dog was constantly making a mess when drinking from their bowl, they planted moss and other plants around the water source to create a mini garden

A kind stranger, from an unknown location, arranged twigs around someone’s lost key in order to help them relocate it when they came looking

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