People reveal the moment they knew it was time to get a divorce

Divorced people reveal the moment they knew their marriage was over – from a couple who fell out over a toaster to a woman who felt ‘nothing’ when she caught her husband cheating

  • People from the US shared the moments they knew it was time to divorce  
  • A husband said it was wife’s lack of care for their daughter that made him decide 
  • Another admitted to wishing their partner would cheat so they could leave them 
  • One person realised it was time to leave because couldn’t be bothered to fight  

Divorced people have shared the moment they realised their marriage was over in anonymous online posts. 

Sharing their experiences on US-based website Nina Journalist, the divorcés revealed what led them to take the jump and leave their spouses.

One person admitted to realising they no longer cared enough to fight with their partner. Another parent said it was the fact their wife could never be bothered to pick up their daughter from school that decided them to leave. 

One person opened up about wishing their partner would cheat on them so that it would give them an excuse to leave.

Here, a selection of some of the heart-wrenching examples… 

One husband revealed he left his wife after finding she had asked friends for ways to get back at him in an argument 

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One person admitted to wishing their partners would cheat so it’d give them an excuse to leave 

One person explained they got a divorce after their spouse told they she ‘really hated them’ during an argument 

One ex-wife said her partner told her he would not ‘grow as a person’ during an argument and that it was the last straw 

One woman said she packed her husband’s bags after he failed to sort out their twin’s nursery placements and never told her 

One exhausted ex-spise said they knew it was time to call it quits when they ran out of energy to have arguments 

An ex-wife revealed she was annoyed at her husband for not having a full time job after ten years of marriage and decided to leave when he suggested having a baby to save their relationship

One former spouse said they realised after six years of marriage that their partner were too different from them 

One parent said they decided to get a divorce due to their partner never taking the time to pick up their child from school 

One woman said yoga helped them realize they were not happy in their marriage by focusing on the good 

One person said it was a routine operation that led them to realize they wanted to ‘be free’ of their partner

One person revealed they had been havign several arguments with their partner. But the last straw was when she threw a cat at them 

One person decided to get a divorce after catching their partner cheating, and feeling ‘nothing’ 

A former spouse admitted they should have never gotten married in the first place, but added it was their husband’s 19-year-old girlfriend that did it 

One divorcé revealed they decided to leave after their partner went golfing while their seven-weeks-old daughter was in the neonetal intense care unit 

An ex-wife revealed she decided to leave when her husband told her he loved her, but wanted to sleep with other women 

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