People constantly stare at my 14-inch penis – I cant even pop out for milk

An OnlyFans star who claims to have a huge 14-inch penis says he constantly get stared at in public.

Marc Rocke, 33, used to have a manhood measuring 8 inches in length and 5 1/2 inches in girth.

However, he claims he underwent two experimental surgeries to bring his penis to a final measurement of 14 inches in length and 12 inches in girth.

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And now he says people can't help but double-take when they see his huge package – which he struggles to hide under his clothes.

Despite calling the attention "incredible", Marc, from the US, says that going out in public is now an "adventure" with looks and double-takes wherever he goes.

"On one hand, I enjoy the attention; but on the other hand, I just want to get my milk and go home," he joked.

As well as in public, his impressive penis has also earned him an army of fans online – with Marc boasting 40,000 Instagram followers and 19,200 fans on TikTok.

He regularly shares photos and videos of himself on the sites – teasing his huge dong under clothes.

However, he has so far kept his identity hidden by hiding his face behind a face mask.

Despite his army of fans who call him "amazing" and "delicious", Marc does have some doubters who don't believe he can have such a huge manhood.

"You can't be true," wrote one follower on Instagram.

While another added: "I don't think it's really that big lol."

A third meanwhile asked: "How is that possible?"

Marc claims he underwent surgery costing $80,000 (£63,00) to release the suspensory ligament and inject it with dermal fillers and body fat, as well as placing a large prosthesis within it.

He said his recovery process from the operation was "gruelling" and the worst part of the surgery, though.

"The pain was almost unbearable at times," he said. "I couldn't even get myself out of bed in the mornings.

"Walking was also difficult with the added weight. And running? That's not a thing any more."

Asked why he underwent the surgery, he exclusively told Daily Star: "My decision to get it done was was based on my fascination with extremely large body parts, such as tall people, large breasts and butts, and muscular physiques.

"I have always considered bigger as better and idolised people like Beshine, Mandingo, and Ronnie Coleman for their impressively massive body parts.

"Eventually, I decided that I too wanted to become one of the 'big' ones."

Despite spending thousands on the surgery, he has comfortably made that back, as he claimed to have earned a "five-figure" salary from his OnlyFans content.


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