Paulina Porizkova calls for men to date 'age-appropriate' women

Paulina Porizkova, 55, tells men to date ‘age-appropriate’ women instead of boosting their egos by romancing younger ladies – but admits she is ‘hypocritical’ because late husband Ric Ocasek was 20 years her senior

  • Paulina opened up about her thoughts on age and dating while sharing a stunning photo of herself canoodling with a younger man from a recent shoot
  • Photographer Alexi Lubomirski shot the image of the model for a spread featured in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine
  • Paulina said she loved the idea of an older woman with a younger man, even though she’s ‘always been more attracted to older guys’ 
  • The model added that her opinion of a man ‘now rises considerably’ when he is dating or married to an ‘age-appropriate’ partner  
  • Paulina and her estranged husband, Ric, were twenty years apart
  • The Cars frontman died in September at the age of 75, and she said the shoot marked the start of the new, unexpected chapter in her life  

Paulina Porizkova has revealed that she likes men who pursue relationships with ‘age-appropriate’ women, admitting that her stance is ‘rather hypocritical’ considering her late husband Ric Ocasek was 20 years her senior. 

The 55-year-old model opened up about her thoughts on age and dating while sharing a photo of herself canoodling with a younger man. The image was photographed by Alexi Lubomirski as part of a spread featured in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar. 

‘I loved the idea of the younger man older woman scenario, even though personally, I’ve always been more attracted to older guys,’ she wrote. ‘But seriously — it’s about time that older women get their dues.’

She’s honest! Paulina Porizkova, 55, has revealed that she likes when men date ‘age-appropriate’ women, though she admitted it was ‘hypocritical’ of her 

Looking back: Paulina and her late husband, Ric Ocasek, were twenty years apart when they wed. He died in September at age 75 

The stunning image shows Paulina cuddled up to a young male model at a cafe. Their noses are touching, and they look as if they are about to kiss. 

‘All of us women in our fifties know that we are actually irresistible — if men our age didn’t have the myopia of male middle age, in which they feel they are only valuable if they date younger women,’ Paulina noted.

‘Personally, my opinion of a man now rises considerably when he’s dating or married age-appropriate. And yes, I know it’s rather hypocritical of me, having married a man twenty years my senior.’

Over the past year, Paulina has been publicly mourning the loss of her estranged husband, Ric, who died on September 15 at the age of 75.

She met The Cars frontman while the band was filming the music video for Drive in 1984 and became his third wife in 1989. They had two sons together, Jonathan, 26, and Oliver, 21. 

She announced in May 2018 that they had split quietly the previous year after 28 years of marriage. 

Though they were divorcing, they continued to share a New York townhouse and that is where Paulina found the famed rock star dead.

A medical examiner determined he died from hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease with pulmonary emphysema being a contributing factor. 

In another Instagram post, Paulina opened up about how posing for the Harper’s Bazaar spread earlier this year marked a new chapter in her life. 

‘Only three months ago, I was so excited to get to do this shoot with Alexi Lubomirski @alexilubomirski for American Harper’s Bazaar @harpersbazaarus,’ she captioned a black and white picture from the shoot. 

The image shows Paulina getting into a convertible while a male model has his hand up as if he were trying to block a photographer from getting her photo.  

‘The idea was older woman younger man — paparazzi-style shoot,’ she explained. ‘I adore Alexi, not only is he super talented — but also a prince. It would be hard to find someone better looking with more kindness and class.

‘This was shot at the beginning of 2020, and after last year’s nightmarish conclusion, I was ready to take a deep cleansing breath and dive back into life — hoping to kickstart stuff, figure out my future and work situation…’ 

Not lying: ‘All of us women in our fifties know that we are actually irresistible,’ Paulina wrote. She celebrated her 55th birthday last month by sharing a throwback bikini photo 

‘Quarantine hair color’: Last week she posted a photo of her dark roots growing in, admitting that she doesn’t have as much grey hair as she thought

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit star went on to say that starting her new life without her late husband has been like an unanticipated visit to a new location after planning to go somewhere else. 

‘This shoot was the very beginning of what I thought was going to be a potentially difficult, but also exciting and new year filled with possibilities,’ she said. ‘It’s like I thought I was headed for a new and — to me — unchartered territory, like a trip to Hong Kong, but got deplaned in Fargo, North Dakota. 

‘The thing is, after the initial disappointment — it turns out Fargo is lovely. It has kind and wonderful people, beautiful scenery, and really, I’m very glad to be here as soon as I can get over not being in Hong Kong.’

Paulina added an edit to her post after some of her confused followers thought she was in Fargo amid the coronavirus pandemic.    


Paulina has been quarantined at her home in upstate New York with her sons, her dog Ludwig, and her cat Oskar and passing the time by sharing cheeky Instagram posts about her life. 

Last week she posted a photo of her dark roots growing in, admitting that she doesn’t have as much grey hair as she thought. 

‘Not so beautiful: quarantine hair color. Haha,’ she wrote. ‘The surprise here is that in much less grey than I thought, which sort of bums me out — I wanted to go gloriously grey — hence the super blond to transition. Looks like I’m going right back to brown.’ 

Home sweet home: Paulina has been quarantined at her home in upstate New York with her sons Jonathan and Oliver, her dog Ludwig, and her cat Oskar 

Passing the time: The model has been posting photos of herself doing chores and passing the time while sporting wild hair 

She has also been candid about her grief over the loss of her late husband, and she paid tribute to Ric on what would have been his 76th birthday on March 23.  

‘Ric was many things, many of them contradictory. Talented. Jealous. Funny. Driven. Judgmental. Passionate. Vain. Silly. Impulsive. Sexy. Vindictive. Generous. Narcissistic. Gentle. So gentle, in fact, that often people confused it with kind. Which he wasn’t. He was never kind. Today is his birthday,’ she wrote. 

‘I’m still struggling with comprehending that one can feel two opposing emotions at the same time,’ she admitted. ‘And I still struggle with forgiveness. Still, happy birthday honey, wherever you are.’

Paulina was likely referring to the fact that Ric had cut her out of his will before this death, claiming he was ‘abandoned’ by her.

The couple was separated when he died, but since they were not legally divorced, she, as his widow, may be entitled under New York law to an ‘elective share’ of his estate.

Ric specifically addressed the rule in his will, stating: ‘Even if I should die before our divorce is final…Paulina is not entitled to any elective share…because she has abandoned me.’

However, unless it can be proven in court that she did abandon him, she will likely be entitled to a one-third share of the musician’s assets, which are listed as $5 million in ‘copyrights’, $100,000 in ‘tangible personal property,’ and $15,000 in cash.

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