PANGAIA Introduces New “Reclaim” Capsule Collection and Business Model

As PANGAIA continues to push the envelope forward in material sciences, the global collective has announced its plan to create a new business model– and capsule collection – that’s founded on production expertise and open-sourced research, titled “Reclaim.”

Through an ongoing partnership with the Portuguese Textile Group, Valérius, and its Research Design Development laboratory, PANGAIA’s new B2B business program will allow startup brands to “test and commercialize” products before sending them to market. The new capsule collection seeks to buffer the brand’s positioning by incorporating biology-based dye reactors, new fabric blends and new fiber innovations.

Capsule items include powder-hued pink, blue and lavender sweats and tees. Earth-toned hoodies and joggers – with small logo embroider – also make an appearance in the collection.

PANGAIA and RDD previously joined forces to launch the brand’s C-FiberTM, PLNTFiberTM and FRUTFiberTM product lines.

More information on this initiative and the capsule can be found on PANGAIA’s website.

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