Over 11,000 Amazon Shoppers Love This Smartwatch That’s a ‘Budget Alternative’ to the Apple Watch

In the market for a smartwatch? Amazon shoppers think the Letsfit Fitness Tracker is the best bang for your buck.

If the smartwatch looks familiar to you, that’s because it’s a top-rated option on Amazon. Not only is it the best-selling activity and fitness tracker on the site, but it’s the second best-selling smartwatch, too — right behind the Apple Watch. Customers love it so much because of how much it can do at an affordable price point.

Retailing for just $36 (it’s 15 percent off right now!), the Letsfit watch can monitor your steps, heart rate, sleep, burned calories, and oxygen levels, plus play music and receive phone notifications. It’s waterproof, comes in six colors (black, navy, pink, green, teal, and burgundy), and can last up to 10 days on a full charge.

Over 11,000 Amazon shoppers have left the watch a five-star rating, raving that they are “blown away” by it and often comparing it to higher-end fitness trackers like the Apple Watch and Fitbit.

Buy It! Letsfit Fitness Tracker, $30.59 (orig. $36.99); amazon.com

“You don't always get what you paid for. This watch is worth so much more than it's being sold for,” one customer wrote. “I receive my text messages, Facebook messages, emails, and other notifications, which allows me to not be on my phone as much — and it tracks my sleep and activity. If you’re looking for a budget alternative to the Apple Watch, this is it.”

Customers are also impressed with the design of the Letsfit watch, saying that it’s comfortable, lightweight, and well-fitting thanks to its slim profile. Another shopper wrote: “Not only is this a great watch functionally, it looks great. I’m a female with very small wrists so I was afraid it would look and feel big and clunky…[but] it is so light that I forget I am wearing it most of the time.”

The brand also makes wireless earbuds that are just as popular, which Amazon users often purchase along with the smartwatch. Pair them together for a budget-friendly gift for yourself or a loved one (or both!).

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