Osteopath: This is the one stretch you should do to fix your neck hump

How to fix your ‘unsightly’ neck hump: Osteopath shares the one stretch you should be doing daily that will ease the lump without pain

  • Osteopath shows exercise to straighten your back
  • Brendon Talbot said the daily stretch will improve neck humps 

A top osteopath has shown how to get rid of a neck hump and improve your posture with one simple movement.

Brendon Talbot, from Canada, is a health practitioner who specialises in bone and muscle tissue. 

He demonstrated the easy exercise which stretches out the muscles in the back of the neck in an online video.

Brendon said doing the stretch daily can also relieve headaches, migraines, neck pain and upper back pain. 

He said to tuck your chin in as far as you can and gently press it back and down then use your other hand to rotate the head down.

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Candian osteopath Brendon Talbot (pictured) has shared the one stretch you can do each day to straighten your spine and fix neck humps

Brendon said by doing this you should be able to feel a stretch on the back of your neck. 

He noted doing one exercise won’t change your posture but implementing a daily movement routine can help improve it over time.

Many of Brendon’s 1.7million followers were thankful for the advice with one saying: ‘I needed this’. 

‘Thank you! Sent this video to my humpy hunchy husband,’ one woman replied.  

This isn’t the first time Brandon has offered his advice for getting rid of a neck hump. 

He said to tuck your chin in as far as you can and gently press it back and down then use your other hand to rotate the head down

In a previous clip he shared another exercise you can do daily to straighten and stretch the spine. 

Brendon demonstrated the exercise where you interlock your fingers behind your head, tuck in your elbows and slide them up a wall towards the ceiling stretching out your back. 

He recommends doing the stretch a few times a day to get the desired results and said anyone who struggles to do the exercise against a wall can do it kneeling down over a bench. 

The video racked up 15.4million views and 1.3million likes in just three days after it was posted to TikTok and attracted hundreds of grateful comments.

In a previous video he shared another stretch you can do to straighten the spine. It involves interlocking you fingers behind your head, tucking in your elbows and sliding them up a wall

‘Thank you so much for this. I’ve been trying to figure to how to get rid of mine for so long,’ one women said.

‘I have such a complex about this. I have long hair and even when its super hot I never put my hair up. Thank you..I’ll be trying this,’ another commented.

Mr Talbot reassured some skeptical commenters who said the technique hasn’t worked for them.

‘Just because it didn’t crack, doesn’t mean it didn’t work. This is a movement we should be dong daily to keep out spine healthy and moving,’ he said.

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