Oscar De La Hoya 'serious' about plans for ring return aged 47 and claims 'George Foreman did it, I can do it as well'

OSCAR DE LA HOYA has revealed he is drawing inspiration from George Foreman as he plans to return to the ring aged 47.

The five-weight world champion hasn't fought since his defeat against Manny Pacquiao in 2008, but he is keen to dust off his gloves in 2021.

And the 1992 Olympic gold medallist believes that age is just a number, as he spoke of Foreman's success after he won a world title at the age of 45 having come out of retirement.

De La Hoya has been putting himself through the paces in his bid to get in shape, and showed fans he still possesses blistering hand speed during a mitts session.

Speaking in an Instagram live video earlier this week, the 11-time world champ said: "I really am considering making a comeback.

"I have been training. I seriously feel incredible. I feel amazing.

"With me, I always fought the very best, and why not?

"If I make the comeback in the first quarter of next year, by the way, I have slimmed down 20 pounds, it’s going to be against the very best, like always.

“None of this ducking fighters like the way fighters duck everyone today. They make it impossible because they price themselves out. It’s a huge problem."

Before adding: "George Foreman did it, and I think I can do it as well. I feel like a million, million bucks. It's crazy."

Unlike Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr and Evander Holyfield who want to compete in exhibition bouts, De La Hoya wants to jump back into professional contests.

Brit star Amir Khan teased a fight against the legendary boxer in August.

And De La Hoya has refused to rule out a potential fight against Saul Alvarez.

Meanwhile UFC legend Conor McGregor is another potential option after the duo spoke of facing each other.

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