OnlyFans model had vagina surgery at 17 after gymnastics left her embarrassed

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A model who has featured on the cover of Playboy has revealed that she had surgery on her vagina at the age of 17 because she had been embarrassed during gymnastics.

Khloe Terae, now 28, grew up in Canada, but moved to Mexico as soon as she turned 18 to work in the Playboy casino as a bunny.

Khloe's early work for Hugh Hefner’s projects evolved into a successful modelling career, and she now runs an OnlyFans account after appearing on the Playboy cover 15 times.

She is open about the surgery she has had done, admitting that she used to feel awkward about how her vagina looked.

“Besides my breasts, I did my nose, and I’ve had my labia removed,” she began, speaking on the Inside OnlyFans podcast.

“Honestly at the age that I got it at – I got it at 17, turning 18 – I didn’t really see a lot of vaginas to be able to make this decision, because now I’ve seen a lot of vaginas and I’m like ‘mine wasn’t that bad’.

“But I was doing gymnastics and I was in a leotard and stuff, and I just didn’t think it was aesthetically pleasing, so I got my vagina done and I love it.”

As one of the hosts interjected, “designer vagina!” Khloe acknowledged that, looking back, she had nothing to be ashamed of.

“I don’t care what anyone else’s looks like, I’ve changed my opinion. But when I was younger I definitely didn’t want anything hanging there,” she continued.

Delving further into the work she has had done, the adult model explained that she got the surgery at the same time that she was getting her boobs done.

Khloe even revealed that she had three surgeries on her boobs before she had turned 21.

“I’m third generation boob job,” she said. “Which means my mum and my grandmother also have fake t**s.”

But, despite sharing this trait with her mother, Khloe revealed that she had felt forced to get her second chest surgery, after her mum had convinced the doctor to give her daughter smaller boobs while her first surgery was underway.

“I Woke up, my boobs were too small, I was really mad at my mum. And then I went and got massive t***ies just to p**s her off,” she added.

“They were twice the size of what they are now. They were like 600 CCs.”

This comes as Khloe admitted on another podcast appearance that she loves being naked, and only started wearing underwear at the age of 26.

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