Online Ceramics Enlists New Age Multi-Instrumentalist Laraaji for a Spiritual Collaboration

Alix Ross and Elijah Funk’s LA-based label Online Ceramics is known for its graphics and collaborations, and now it applies this mantra to its latest partnership, tapping the New Age musician Laraaji for a capsule collection.

Over the last 50 years, Laraaji has spread his message of light, producing music informed by the systems of Hindu philosophy and spiritual disciplines that he exercises often on the piano, zither, and mbira. He’s a lover of orange, and now Online Ceramics honors the American multi-instrumentalist with his own capsule.

As expected, orange comes in many forms for the collaboration, which is centered around a two-part cassette EP titled All Things Beautiful. This moniker and the color orange inform a beige crewneck that’s graced with Laraaji’s portrait, taken from said EP, and this is echoed with the hand-dyed T-shirt. A white tee with Laraaji and a frog also appears, while accessories make a case for being the best items of this drop.

For example, a black tote bag is printed with a graphic reading “So Gentle So Light” as Laraaji performs and a sun graphic appears on the reverse, while a hat is simply embroidered with the capsule’s name.

Take a look at the Online Ceramics x Laraaji capsule collection above, and shop the range at Dover Street Market London now.

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