New action-packed ‘Mulan’ teaser drops ahead of Disney+ launch

After much anticipation, Disney has dropped a teaser for “Mulan,” the live-action version of the Chinese warrior epic premiering next month on Disney+. The film was migrated to the streaming platform after its theatrical release was postponed indefinitely over coronavirus concerns.

Like its animated counterpart, the Niki Caro-directed movie depicts a woman played by Yifei Liu masquerading as a man to stop the Hun invasion of China when her father’s too infirm to fight. However, from the looks of the trailer, the action will be ratcheted up to Himalayan heights.

The one-minute clip depicts Mulan kung fu-ing various baddies a la “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” while off-screen villains paradoxically shade her for being a woman.

“I will bring honor to us all,” intones the titular character before the screen fades to black.

Despite Disney CEO Bob Chapek deeming “Mulan’s” Disney+ debut as a “one-off,” the company is likely weighing the viability of premiering all new releases on the platform going forward. The dry run comes just as the studio recorded an eye-popping $5 billion loss in revenue due to the pandemic.

Disney+ premium subscribers can purchase “Mulan” for $29.99 starting Sept. 4. The film is also slated to hit theaters at an unspecified date.

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