Neighbours is back filming and all is right in the world again

After almost a year since its star-studded ‘finale’, Neighbours has resumed filming once again and all is right in the world.

The beloved Aussie soap was controversially axed by Channel 5 last year, with an explosive hour-long final episode airing on the broadcaster in July featuring a number of the show’s biggest ever stars.

Just a few months after the credits rolled, however, Amazon Freevee came to the rescue, restoring order to the TV landscape by resurrecting Neighbours for a new era, delighting fans all over the world.

Production has now commenced, with Monday (August 17) seeing the cast and crew of the popular soap return to Ramsay Street for the first time since filming the emotional final episode last year, and our hearts couldn’t be any fuller.

‘Lights, camera, action, let’s go! Brand new Neighbours is officially in production!,’ read a tweet shared on the serial drama’s official social media channels, and we couldn’t be any more excited.

To make this news even more exciting, the Aussie soap will also return to Pin Oak Court – aka the real Ramsay Street – in Vermont South, Australia for the revival series.

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