My daughter is a Covid denier conspiracy theorist and I can't bear it

DEAR DEIDRE: I'M at the end of my tether with my daughter, who’s become a Covid denier.

She’s 24 and believes every conspiracy theory about the pandemic, from there being microchips in jabs to Bill Gates being behind it all.

She lives on her own but whenever I speak to her, we argue about it.

She says I’m old and blinkered – though I’m only 48 – and won’t listen to me or stop reading conspiracy rubbish on the internet.

She has self-harmed in the past and I’m scared that if we fall out, she might do something stupid.

So I end up agreeing with her views out of fear of losing her.

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I just want us to be happy and have a laugh together as a mother and daughter.

But I’m now starting to have panic attacks.

How can I convince her she’s wrong?

DEAR DEIDRE: It is incredibly difficult to reason with someone who won’t listen to facts – and your daughter’s fragility only makes this trickier.

As your own health is suffering, contact No Panic (, 0800 138 8889), the self-help organisation.

There are ways of discussing difficult issues that make things less fraught.

My support pack on Standing Up For Yourself describes the best techniques to use for talking to her without it causing an argument.

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