My boyfriend knows I’m desperate to get married but he still hasn’t proposed – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I DOUBT my boyfriend will ever propose – but marriage is a deal breaker for me.

We’ve been together for six years. I’m 27, he’s 29. I come from a dysfunctional family but have always longed to be married, with all the security that brings.

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I want a family with my boyfriend but when I bring it up, he says it’s not the right time.

When is, though? Five years? Ten? Fifteen? I’m fed up with waiting.

There is this feeling he is stringing me along — why would he want to marry me when we live together and have regular sex?

But what more does he need? Should I give him an ultimatum?

DEIDRE SAYS: Only if you are sure you are ready to end the relationship if he doesn’t give in. At least try to get him to look at why he is being so resistant when it means so much to you.

Does he come from a broken family or has he seen a loved one go through a messy divorce? A marriage certificate is no guarantee of happiness and commitment.

You must both put care and energy into your relationship now. Read my e-leaflet When Your Man Won’t Commit, which explains.

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