Murder victims who ‘haunted’ killers – including Sharon Tate ghost sighting

Do the lost souls of murder victims come back to haunt the living…and their killers?

In some shocking slayings, the souls of those brutally butchered appear to have come back as ghosts.

And some of these restless spirits even appear to have helped crack their own cases.

Here Daily Star reveals the spooky true crime stories to send a shiver down your spine…


Valley of the Dolls star Sharon Tate was among five people brutally butchered by members of Charles Manson’s cult in 1969 at the Los Angeles home she rented – 10050 Cielo Drive.

The 26-year-old was stabbed to death in the mindless attack and died with Abigail Folger, 25 Voyteck Frykowski, 32, Jay Sebring 35 and Steven Parent, 18.

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One of the killers, Charles “Tex” Watson had announced: “I’m the devil and I’m here to do the devil’s business.”

Tate, recently played by Margot Robbie in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, was eight months pregnant when she died.

The luxury property has since been demolished, but one woman described seeing a vision of a bleeding, pregnant woman walking down the street where it used to stand.

Businessman David Oman, who lived in another house built near the site, reported hearing weird voices and footsteps.

He also believes he saw the ghost of celebrity hairdresser Sebring at the foot of his bed.


In the 1960s young girls started disappearing in the Midlands after being lured into a car.

Two bodies were discovered dumped in the wild woodland of Cannock Chase, Staffs in 1966 – Margaret Reynolds, aged six, and Diana Joy Tift, five.

A year later, another body, of seven-year-old Christine Darby was found nearby. They had all been strangled and sexually assaulted.

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After a massive manhunt, 39-year-old Raymond Leslie Morris was linked to the crimes.

Although he was only convicted of Christine’s murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, he was chief suspect in the other killings.

In the decades since the murders many visitors to Cannock Chase have reported sightings of ghostly children with scary black eyes. Some have heard cries for help.

Michelle Mason took a snap of a mystery child by a tree, while Tom Buckmaster claims to have filmed footage of a young ghost dressed in white.


When the bloodied dead body of real estate agent Lisa Posluns was found in a room at her office building in Toronto, Canada, in November 2002, suspicion fell on cleaner Rui Marques.

The 38-year-old victim had been stabbed seven times, her throat cut and she had been sexually assaulted.

Marques had the keys to the office, but DNA evidence soon ruled him out as the killer. But the police struggled to find the real culprit.

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Four months later Marques was working in the same building and shining a black tabletop when suddenly he saw a reflection and looked up – to find Lisa’s ghost.

The spectre said nothing but pointed at the table – it seemed to be a clue. It made Marques think of former employee Nelson DeJesus, who always wore black.

He eventually told police about the apparition.

Their investigation into DeJesus found his DNA on Lisa’s underwear and he was eventually convicted of her murder.


The Tower of London can boast scores of ghost sightings including the spectre of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s executed wife, carrying her severed head.

The spirits of historic prisoners Sir Walter Raleigh, Guy Fawkes and Lady Jane Grey are also said to lurk within its walls.

But its most tragic ghosts must belong to those of Edward V, believed to have been murdered aged 12 along with his brother Richard, nine, on the orders of Richard III in the 15th century.

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Their phantoms have been reported on the stairs in the landmark’s Bloody Tower and sightings have included two ghostly boys holding hands.

In 2017 when hairdresser Mary Ryan, from Liverpool was visiting a room at the attraction with her family she took a photo of her daughter Kayleigh.

Later they noticed a figure of a little boy appearing above the teenager’s shoulder.

Mary said: “The two young princes look very similar to him. I think it’s something paranormal as I know definitely no one was there.”


The legendary American crime boss is reckoned to have ordered the St Valentine’s Massacre in Chicago on February 14, 1929.

It saw seven men from the rival North Side Gang gunned down in a garage. But detectives could never link Scarface or anyone else to the crime.

But in 1931, Capone was finally jailed for tax evasion and ended up in the notorious island prison Alcatraz near San Francisco.

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And it was here that the ghost of one of the victims of the massacre, James Clark, began to haunt him.

Other inmates would hear Capone, alone in his cell, screaming at “Jimmy” to leave him alone.

Although Capone was released due to ill health, he continued to complain that Clark’s ghost haunted him and even consulted a medium.

But the spirit of the dead man pestered the mobster until his death in 1947 aged 48.


Twisted serial killer Terry Childs was first sentenced to 41 years in prison in 1987 for the murder, two years earlier, of 17-year-old Lois Sigala, who he shot 10 times in woodland in California.

But it wasn’t the American’s first killing and over the next three decades he would begin confessing to other, unsolved murders, after the ghosts of his victims haunted him behind bars.

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In 2007 he confessed to the beating, strangling and stabbing of 19-year-old Linda Ann Jozovich and dumping her body in the mountains.

And in 2017, the 61-year-old pleaded guilty to two more murders from the 1980s, having stabbed to death Joan Mack on a beach and shooting Christopher Hall in a park.

Childs said the ghosts of his victims would appear to him in his cell and were “eating up his brain” but that demons departed once he admitted the crimes.


On December 3, 1864, during the American Civil War, methodist minister Bill Sketoe was brutally hanged by a mob near Newton, Alabama.

They had abducted the 45-year-old preacher on the basis of rumours he had deserted from the Confederate Army and was helping Unionist forces.

He was strung up from a tree branch, but his killers realised it wasn’t high enough to let him swing. They then dug a hole under Sketoe’s feet so he would strangle to death.

In the following years, six of the killers died sudden deaths – one fell off his horse and died after striking a tree, another drowned in a swamp and a third was struck by lightning.

Many believed Sketoe’s ghost had played a part in their demise. Most mysteriously of all, the hole his murderers had dug kept on re-appearing at the site of his death every time it was filled in.

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