Mum reveals how she transformed £500 sofa after picking it up for just £20

When one mum wanted a new sofa, she turned to Facebook Marketplace and found a second-hand one she loved.

Although it was stained and in bad condition, she thought she could transform the designer couch and get the high-end look on a budget.

Looking online, the Australian woman saw it was worth around $800 (£500) but she paid just $40 (£20)

She had a Bissell turbo carpet cleaner already and knew she could use it deep clean the fabric.

Although the machines are pricey to buy new, you can hire similar ones for around £20 for a day if you want to take on a project like this.

The woman had to use the machine three times to get all the marks out and then she sprinkled bicarbonate of soda and vacuumed it off to avoid any odour.

Once she’d finished, the grey scandi style piece looked brand new.

‘Awesome job, gotta love marketplace,’ one woman commented.

‘Oh wow, it looks like new, well done,’ added another. 

‘You are braver than me, I wouldn’t have taken that for free. Was it gross soaking up all that crud?’ someone else wrote.

She’s not the only one who has managed to transform a sofa found on marketplace.

Another mum found furniture that has previously been used in a holiday let and was looking a little grubby.

But by ordering some fabric in a green shade she loved, she was able to recover it all herself.

She purposely chose a sofa with removable arms so she could easily fit the covers.

It cost her just £100 in total and others were amazed by the results.

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