Mum asks whether parents would let their teen son's girlfriend move in

Woman reveals her son’s girlfriend, 19, has stealthily moved into their home and expects her laundry done and vegetarian food despite not paying her way – but some claims it’s the mother’s fault for ‘allowing it to happen’

  • Anonymous woman, from the UK, told how 19-year-old son’s girlfriend moved in
  • Mother told how she stayed over one night in October and then just never left 
  • Asked whether she is being unreasonable for wanting to ask the girl to move out 

A mother has asked whether she’s in the wrong for wanting her 19-year-old son’s girlfriend to move out after she ‘gradually moved in’ without asking.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman, believed to be from the UK, explained how her 19-year-old son met the girl who he knew from school a while back – and she stayed over one night mid-October and hasn’t left since.

She went on to explain how the girl doesn’t give her a penny towards food or bills, yet expects her dirty laundry to be washed and vegetarian food to be cooked for her. 

And people were quick to take to the comments section – with many agreeing the woman was not being unreasonable for wanting her to move out. 

‘You need to tell her it’s time to go, sounds awful,’ wrote one, while a second commented: ‘You’ve put up with it longer than I would have. Tell her she needs to go home tomorrow. Gives her time to pack up all her things. If he doesn’t like it tell him he can move to her parents instead.’

An anonymous woman, from the UK, has initiated a debate after asking whether other parents would let their teenage son’s girlfriend move into the family home. Pictured, stock image 

In her initial post, the mother explained: ‘She gradually moved in and is just here, on my son’s small bedroom with him. She isn’t working much, ds has a pt time as on a year out, when he goes to work she just sits in his room all day in the dark. 

‘Started piling her washing on the washing basket now. I’m cooking for all of us each night and her food vegetarian, (5 of us in the home).’

She went on to say she did ask the girl about some money but added she ‘doesn’t have none’ – nor does she come out of her room because she’s depressed.  

‘I am now feeling at the end of my tether and thinking about saying enough is enough time to go home now but can stay over a few nights a week if she wants.’ she continued.

The woman explained how the girl doesn’t give her a penny towards food or bills, yet expects her dirty laundry to be washed (pictured)

And several Mumsnet users were quick to give the concerned mother some helpful words of advice. 

‘If you are happy to have her over a few nights a week, I think you need to put a number on it, otherwise it is liable to creep up,’ wrote one, while a second penned: ‘I would tell both of them that the situation is untenable and that she needs to move out.’ 

In the post, the woman went on to say her son and his dad were also ‘clashing’ lately – and wasn’t sure whether the girlfriend being around may have been the cause. 

She also added that her younger child, 16, wants the girlfriend to be gone. 

Taking to the comments section, one person penned: ‘I don’t think you are being unreasonable at all’ (pictured)

But some took a more stern approach and asked the woman why she didn’t say anything when the girl first started staying over. 

‘Stop being such a doormat! I would have had words after the first night,’ wrote one, while a second agreed: ‘Stop being so passive and tell her to go home. I have a dd about the same age and there’s no way whatsoever I would let her move a boyfriend in.’

A third added: ‘I don’t understand if none of you want her there why you’ve not asked her to move out yet?’

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: ‘Can’t believe you have allowed this to happen. Your son has very little respect for you or his family. Your poor 16-year-old having someone just move in.’ 

Others asked the woman why she didn’t say anything when the girl first started staying over (pictured)

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