MTV's 'Making the Band 4': Where is Donnie Klang Now and What Is His Net Worth?

MTV’s Making the Band 4, headlined by record executive Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, was filled with music, dancing, and a whole lot of drama. Some of the contestants on the show stood out as big personalities with enormous talent. Donnie Klang was a fan-favorite contender from the very beginning. It’s been over a decade since the series ended, and since then, Klang has made major moves on the music scene.

‘Making the Band 4’ was about the fellas

Diddy created the girl group, Danity Kane, during Making the Band 3. The five group members’ magnetic personalities and strong vocals created compelling television. At the time, it seemed that it would be impossible to produce a subsequent season with as much pizzazz as the Danity Kane-centered show. But somehow Diddy and MTV made it happen.

In Making the Band 4, Diddy worked to form the next great R&B boy band with Danity Kane still around to add to the spectacle. As the mogul held auditions, evaluated talent, and dismissed unlucky participants, the girl group mixed it up with the newbies.

As much as Making the Band 4 was about relationships and conflicts, there was a hefty amount of singing involved. And as some performers showed flaws, other singers began to shine. Klang was among some of the most talented and charismatic Bad Boy wannabes.

In the suspenseful conclusion, Diddy built the boy band, Day 26, from the ground up, just as he had done with Danity Kane in the prior installment. Ultimately the mogul did not add Klang to the group’s lineup. Instead, he awarded the vocalist a solo deal.

Klang went on to record his album, Just A Rolling Stone, which was released in 2008. He also toured with Danity Kane and Day 26 that same year. Klang has flown under the radar in recent years, but many die-hard fans will note that he still has his hands in the music business.

Donnie Klang still works in music

While his concert touring days appear to be on hold, Klang remains linked to the music industry. The former Bad Boy recording artist is the co-owner of The Loft Sound Studio. Along with his partner, Matthew LaPorte, he offers vocal lessons, instrument lessons, videos, original music, artist development, and a Pop Star Party service.

According to the website, Klang and LaPorte have helped clients earn spots on The Voice, The X Factor, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent. In addition, The Loft Sound Studio boasts a creative after school program.

It seems that Klang’s creative and business undertakings have paid off. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the artist and entrepreneur is estimated to be worth $200,000.

Donnie Klang is a family man

Aside from his professional ventures, Klang is a family man. He and his wife Melissa welcomed their first child in 2020. And as seen on Klang’s Instagram feed, his daughter London is already rocking Making the Band swag in the form of a super cute onesie with matching socks. Musical talent could indeed run in the family, but fans will have to wait a while to find out if and when the littlest Klang will get into the recording studio.

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