Mrs Hinch’s new book launches this week – and you can get it half price

Instagram sensation and cleaning star Mrs Hinch’s new book is out this week and it is currently 50% off on Amazon.

The new book by Sophie Hinchcliffe is called The Little Book of Lists and is described on Amazon by the author as being: “A whole book filled with just lists! Notebook goals! My idea of absolute heaven!”

The ‘cleanfluencer’ is known for giving her fans tips and tricks on how to keep a tidy home on social media and she said of her new book, which is out on 2 April: “As you all know, nothing helps me feel more organised than putting pen to paper and getting everything that's buzzing around my head down on to the page.

“Inside you'll find loads of Hinch Lists and Fresh'n Up Fridays to help you plan your hinching, as well as Tadaa Lists which I love to look back on and feel proud of.”

She continues: “Nothing feels better than ticking off those boxes and putting down my crystal pen at the end of a productive day.”

The book is currently available for pre-order and if you do so before 2 April it will only set you back £6.49 with free delivery, which is 50% cheaper than its normal price of £12.99.

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Last year Mrs Hinch released two successful books; Hinch Yourself Happy: All The Best Cleaning Tips To Shine Your Sink And Soothe Your Soul and Mrs Hinch: The Activity Journal.

The new book is bound to be just as successful as her previous two, considering back in January it was already a bestseller on Amazon, three months ahead of its release.

Now that the coronavirus pandemic is upon us and the UK is in lockdown we may as well use our lack of social life to our advantage and get ahead on spring cleaning. And who better to mentor us than Mrs Hinch? The social media star has, as ever, been keeping us going through this crisis with her helpful tips on her Instagram page.

Last week she took to Instagram to showcase exactly how to blitz a dining room, so no space goes unsparkling using her very useful technique: a ‘clockwise clean’.

Posting a picture of her cleaning basket the blonde bombshell captioned it: “I tell you what I haven’t done for a while .. a clockwise clean! So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!”

She then continued: “I put everything in my basket that I know I’ll need.. and the room I’ve chosen is the dining room..”

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Sophie then went on to explain the method over a video of her beginning to get to work on the room, writing: “Clockwise clean! Get your hinching basket out, walk into the room and start to your left (that’s 12 o’clock) work your way round the room (1,2,3 o clock) and then end up back where you started!!

“I love these cleans because I know I haven’t missed one thing in the room”.

Hopefully, just like this hack, her new book will be filled with ways to manage our time and clean our houses thoroughly. We can't wait!

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