Mrs Hinch’s ‘clockwise’ cleaning hack ensures you leave no dirt behind

Keeping your house tidy is more important than ever.

Health experts have urged residents to clean their houses regularly to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

And apparently, using the “clockwise” trick ensures that you don’t leave anything de-germed.

Mrs Hinch spoke about the cleaning hack on her Instagram stories this week.

The housework whiz told her 3.3 million followers to start in one spot – before travelling around the rest of the room in a clockwise motion.

She said: “I love these cleans because I know I haven’t missed one thing in the room”.

To make the process easier, Mrs Hinch makes sure she has all her cleaning products with her before she begins.

She places them all in a basket and carries them around the room with her.

This saves time – as you don’t have to pop in and out of your cupboards looking for specific items.

Mrs Hinch said: “I put everything in my basket that I know I’ll need… and the room I’ve chosen is the dining room.

“Taking your basket around the room makes it so much quicker.”

To clean her living room, Mrs Hinch started by using Elbow Grease spray on PVC items.

She then applied Astonish Cleaners formula to her windows and glass interiors.

As she swept the room clockwise, the Instagram star also did some dusting.

She used a fluffy duster and Mr Sheen spray to get the job done.

As well as this, she spritzed Febreze on anything she wanted to smell nice.

Her artificial flowers, curtains, rug and table runners all got a touch of fragrance on them.

When the clockwise trick was finished, the influencer cleaned her floors to complete disinfecting the room.

She wrote: “I’ll now hoover an mop throughout this room and I’m done.”

We’re sure many will be taking a leaf out of Mrs Hinch’s book this spring.

So will you be trying her tip?

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