Mrs Hinch fans hacks for cleaning ink out of fabric – from milk to toothpaste

We’ve all done it before…

You put a pen in your pocket or your bag and forget about it only for it to snap or pop open and leak a huge stain all over the fabric.

Or, you sit on a pen and no there’s blue ink all over your chair, sofa or bedding.

But, is there anything we can do to remove the deep stains or is the item destined for the bin?

Well, one cleaning fan was in a pickle recently after an ink explosion ruined her work uniform.

What's your favourite cleaning hack? Tell us in the comments below…

So, she asked in the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook groups where fans of Sophie Hinchliffe, the cleanfluencer of Instagram, share advice and knowledge.

The woman wrote: “Ink explosion in my uniform pocket…

“Tried Elbow Grease spray and washed, but no joy – any ideas please?

“I know it’s going to be more difficult to remove now it’s been washed.”

And, fellow cleaning obsessives were here to help with some unexpectedly effective hacks.

One woman said: "I had this problem with my partner's joggers.

"Milk lifts it out.

"If you put milk on a plate and lower the stain into it."

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While another recommended: “White toothpaste, if not try baking soda and white vinegar or Vanish."

A third commented: “Hairspray for ink!"

"Hand sanitiser and washing up liquid, then in the wash as usual,” another noted.
"Works for me and it was dry too."

While someone else added: “Spray with Vanish and then wash on a 60."

What do you think's the best way to remove ink? Tell us in the comments section…

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