Mrs Hinch cooks mouth-watering cheese pie with Jus-Rol and it’s super easy

Mrs Hinch has cooked up an indulgent treat with a "dippy Brie cake" recipe she has uploaded on her Instagram stories.

The pie is oozing full of molten Brie and tangy onion chutney, countered perfectly with a drizzle of sweet honey to lighten up the rich flavours.

"Guys I've tasted nothing it," she said in a rave review to her 3.7 million Instagram followers.

It looks absolutely delicious and fortunately Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchcliffe – has shared the recipe so people can try it out for themselves.

All you need are five simple ingredients, Jus-Rol croissant pastry, two whole rounds of Brie, red onion chutney, and a drizzle of runny honey.

In the clip, Mrs Hinch starts by opening a tube of Jus-Rol croissant pastry and cutting it up into triangle shapes.

Next, she smears several genres tablespoons of red onion chutney onto the middle triangles which will form the base of the pie.

On top of the chutney, she places a whole round of brie and drizzles runny honey on top.

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Mrs Hinch adds a second round of brie on top of the first one and more honey.

The pie is then wrapped up like a present, with the largest bits of pastry covering the top and the rest folded around the sides.

She presses the pie tightly together at the sides so the filling doesn’t escape during cooking and makes decorative notches.

Next, Mrs Hinch brushes the pie with milk so it turns golden and bakes it in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.

When it comes out, the pie looks show-stopping and is rightly placed on the centrepiece of a wooden board, with grapes and crackers on the side.

Mrs Hinch dubbed it the "cosiest, cheesiest tea ever".

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