Mom of Three Describes Husband's Alleged Plot to Poison Her With Fentanyl on Family Trip

“Recently my husband of 8 years purchased a large dose of fentanyl with the intent to murder me.”

An Arizona mother of three has described the moment police told her her husband was about to attempt to kill her.

Theresa Michaels was just about to leave on a family vacation to California with husband Dallas and their three children, when she was informed of an alleged plot to poison her with fentanyl on that same trip.

Detectives told Theresa her husband Dallas had been having a months-long affair, and that he was planning on cashing in on her life insurance policy.

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The morning of the trip in June, she says she answered a knock and found six detectives at her door.

“And that’s when they informed me that my husband was plotting to kill me,” she told KMOV4. “He was planning it for a long time and I was completely, completely floored.”

Mesa police said they discovered the plot after being tipped off by a woman who told them Dallas Michaels had tried several times over the past six months to purchase fentanyl, which he wanted to spike his wife’s drink with in order to poison her.

The woman said he told her he was having an affair, and wanted his wife dead so he could collect the $500k insurance money.

On June 25, investigators claim they saw texts between 42-year-old Dallas and the woman, telling her he was going on a family trip to California, and was “doing it then”, again asking her to let him know if she obtained the drug.

With detectives listening in, the woman called Dallas to inform him she’d obtained fentanyl; he arranged to meet and buy it from her, and allegedly committed himself to the weekend’s grim task.

Detectives then arrested him; they said he admitted discussing killing his wife with the woman, but claimed to be more interested in killing himself.

He confirmed both he and his wife had insurance policies, and said the overdose strategy was to avoid suspicion.

He was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, and one count of solicitation to possess narcotics.

“This is the worst kind of betrayal,” Theresa said. “He was so desperate to get me out of the picture.”

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Theresa said the woman Dallas was having an affair with said she knew nothing, and didn’t even know he was married.

“She says that he lied to her, just like he lied to me,” she said.

While she was completely blindsided at the time, Theresa says in hindsight there were red flags.

“I felt sick. I felt sick to my stomach… it all kind of came together though, it was like everything now makes sense.”

Dallas had been previously arrested for impersonating an FBI officer and extortion; “How he explained it to me was he was desperate and he was trying to get us out of this financial wreck that he put us in,” she said.

“He misinformed me about everything,” she added. “He’s a conman.”

The couple owned a dojo together where Dallas formerly taught martial arts, which has now been closed because of missed payments.

Without her husband’s income, their home is now in foreclosure, and Theresa — who is a financial advisor — and her children must vacate by February.

A GoFundMe to help them relocate has almost raised $5,000.

In her description, she alleges her mother-in-law — who she lives with — was in on the plot, and refused to leave the home, even after police served her with a protection order.

“I’ve got a clean record and was an excellent wife and I am a wonderful mother. I know I didn’t deserve this,” she wrote.

“It’s been one heck of a 2020 for me and I could use your help in getting back on my feet so that I can make a new life for me and my kids.”

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