Model blasted for saying she couldn’t be racist as she ‘has a black dog’

A model has caused uproar after saying she can't be racist because she has a black dog.

Giana Novaes Vieira Gomes da Silva was locked out of her Instagram account, where she has 14,000 followers, for two days.

It came after she defended a Big Brother Brazil contestant who had compared a fellow contender's afro hairstyle to a wig.

Her ban came after a number of her fans complained when she spoke about the reality star's claim.

But after Instagram allowed her back into her account, Giana, from Brazil, came online to defend her actions.

However, things went from bad to worse when she hit back at trolls.

She told fans on social media: "My account was reported for racism. My dog is black and is the love of my life.

"Can you imagine? Me, racist? Whatever."

Giana was then forced into making an hour-long video for her followers in which she profusely apologised for her comments.

But she denied comparing black people to animals in the 60-minute clip.

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She tried to justify: "The comment about my dog is that it was returned twice to the police I bought it from because it was black.

"And I, at the time of choosing a dog, didn't even think about colour.

"For me, colour doesn't matter, race doesn't matter, none of that matters.

"I am far from racist. You know nothing about racism."

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After digging herself a hole, the model has since limited the amount of comments on her Instagram page.

However, a report of the original video where she addressed her Instagram ban attracted attention on social media.

One wrote on Twitter: "It's not possible that a person can be that level of stupid."

Giana has since returned to posting modelling photos on her Instagram page.

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