MMA star Kayla Harrison reveals she drank King's BLOOD during 'barbaric' fight and 'didn't want to punch her anymore'

MMA star Kayla Harrison drank Courtney King's blood during their brutal clash on Friday night.

Harrison, 30, destroyed King at the Invicta 43 event in Kansas City and said she 'didn't want to punch her anymore'.

Harrison dominated from the start, hurting her opponent with a series of kicks before, at the second attempt, forcing the fight to the ground.

She then unleashed some gruesome ground and pound, cutting King with a vicious elbow.

King did manage to thwart an attempted armbar before the end of round one.

But worse was to come in the second, after King was cleared to continue following extensive work to clean up her cut.

Harrison again forced the fight to the mat, reopening the wound before referee Marcio Laselva had seen enough.

Gruesome images show blood everywhere after the vicious clash and Harrison admitted she was surprised the bout wasn't stopped.

She said: "I was surprised by how much blood there was and that the doctor didn't stop it because I was literally slipping in blood.

"It was like a slip n' slide in there. It was disgusting."

And Harrison also revealed she ingested some blood because of her lip licking habit.

She added: "I licked my lips and I was like 'Oh God, I just tasted blood."

And when asked if she felt guilty for the beat down she handed out, Harrison said: "Yeah, of course.

"There's two Kaylas. There's the Kayla that's like 'this is barbaric. Oh my god, I don't want to punch her anymore. I don't wanna do this'.

"And there's the part that's like, 'no this is my job. This is what I was meant to do – hit her harder'.

"It's interesting when you're in the cage. The killer instinct has to come out. But, that was definitely next level for me."

The win takes Harrison, the current PFL lightweight champion, to 8-0 in her career.

Harrison's win was also her featherweight debut, having dropped down from her usual 155 lbs.

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