Miracle as husky makes full recovery after being brought back to life when heart stopped

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Heidi the husky collapsed at home on Mother’s Day and was left unable to move as she gasped for air. By the time her owner Rachel Armstrong arrived at the vets, Heidi had no pulse and her breathing had stopped. Ms Armstrong shouted desperately for help and luckily a senior vet heard before rushing out of the clinic.

The vet performed CPR on Heidi as she lay lifeless in the car. 

She pushed down on Heidi’s chest to try to restart her heart.

After each set, and with Heidi’s owner getting more and more distressed, there was still no heartbeat.

But determined not to give up, the vet tried again, and this time it worked, with a faint heartbeat detected.

The vet then scooped the 32kg dog up in her arms and took her into the surgery for more care.

The vets kept Heidi under observation overnight and the next morning, with Heidi’s condition slowly improving, she was transferred to a daytime vet practice for further tests before being declared well enough to go home.

And now, remarkably, 12-year-old Heidi has made a full recovery.

Ms Armstrong said: “I can honestly say this was the longest 24 hours of my life.

“This all happened on Mother’s Day — my first Mother’s Day with my little girl Hannah — and I was stood outside the clinic in floods of tears while the vet tried to start Heidi’s heart.

“I’ve had Heidi since she was four. The thought of losing her is just too heartbreaking to bear.

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“We are still not totally sure what caused Heidi’s collapse in the first place and she’s still due to have some more tests.

“I was warned there was a high chance of possible brain damage to Heidi because her brain had been without oxygen – but luckily that’s not happened.  

“The main thing is that she’s totally fine and that’s because of the vets who did such an amazing job bringing Heidi back to life.”

The vet who saved Heidi, Susana Jauregui who works for Vets Now in Hull, said: “We are so pleased Heidi has recovered totally from her ordeal. 

“It was one of the most dramatic days of my career — and it’s not a day I’m going to forget in a hurry.”

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