Meteorologist’s At-Home Broadcast Hilariously Derailed By Persistent Kids

Working from home with kids is hard enough without having to go on live television.

CBS New York meteorologist Lonnie Quinn can confirm it’s a tough gig. During his forecast on Thursday, he was interrupted by his two young daughters Savy and Lily.

Shortly after going live, Quinn, seeing his daughters approaching, explained that his wife was in a Zoom meeting for work, and that the girls wanted to say hello.

After popping into the shot to say hi, Quinn ushered them away ― but they weren’t too keen to leave the action. 

“Let’s watch Daddy do his stuff, OK? Oh you wanna stay. No, no. Please no crying,” a flustered Quinn says in the clip as he allows his younger daughter to join him. “Ok, Savy’s gonna cry so otherwise we’re just going to keep her with us.”

His elder daughter rejoined the shot moments later. “You too Lil?” Quinn asks. “This is going south very quickly. You gotta be quiet while daddy’s talking.” (They did not heed that advice). 

Watch the adorable forecast ― punctuated by Savy’s singing ― below.

Quinn later joked on Twitter that what he thought had been a “Live TV disaster” is now a CBS New York promo.

“You, me… everyone…we are all in the same boat,” he said.

Last month the New York weatherman showcased his current workspace during the pandemic: a mini weather studio set up in a barn. He’d already had one close call with his daughter ― looks like it was only a matter of time before she made it on TV:

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