Mercury Is in Pisces, and You're Having Sooo Many Feelings

After spending 5ever in airy, brainy Aquarius, Mercury is finally moving into Pisces on Monday, March 15! As the planet of communication slides into this mutable water sign, your mindset will become more emotional, empathetic, and creative. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are vibing beautifully with this transit, while mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius will be busy, busy, busy.

Let me just get the bleh part of Mercury in Pisces out of the way real quick. From a traditional astro point of view, Mercury is pretty unhappy in Pisces. Mercury is intellectual, talkative, and detail-oriented, but Pisces is moody, intuitive, quiet, and vague. Critical thinking? Not your strong suit. Logic? You don’t know her. It’s easy to let your feelings take over, whether you’re looking at everything through rose-tinted lenses or pushing your self-doubt onto others.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the good stuff! Pisces is dreamy, romantic, poetic, creative, and empathetic—out of all twelve signs, Pisces is by far the biggest “emotional sponge.” If you can embrace that part of yourself, this can be a productive time. Learn to open up about your feels, have deep talks with your loved ones, strengthen your bonds with your crew, and make a few new friends! If you love someone, tell ‘em! And if your feelings get hurt, say so!

Everyone’s waaaay more emotional right now, but try to open up to others, talk about your feelings, let them talk about their feelings, and embrace them! (Not literally unless y’all have both been vaccinated, though.) Pisces’ most developed, positive traits are compassion and unlimited empathy, so this transit can do wonders for all of your relationships—you just need to share your feels!

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Warning: This is a very emotional time for you, Aries. All of the important connections—romantic, platonic, professional—you’ve made over the past year are becoming relevant again. Past projects or ‘ships that were never brought to completion are coming back around, asking to be dealt with. This is a time for important talks to hash out past beef, finish (or abandon) incomplete projects, and find closure.


Heads up, you’re getting busy over the next couple of weeks. Not work-busy, but you’re just constantly in touch with your squad. Now’s the best time of the year to (safely!) spend time with your crew, make new connections, and maybe turn an acquaintance or two into actual friends. Your social life is getting a glow up, Taurus!


What are your long-term goals? How set in stone are they? How open are you to changing them? These next few weeks are all about analyzing your life (especially re: work) in the long-term, figuring out where you are on your journey to success, and deciding whether to keep going or find a new path. Work hard and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Dream big, Gemini!


All of the Piscean energy popping off in the stars is pushing you to leave your shell and truly experience the world around you. This is a spectacular transit for learning new things or traveling however it’s safe to (yes, a visit to a new park totally counts). If you’re stuck at home, sign up for a class, pick up a new hobby, or just binge as many Netflix docs as you can. The big idea here is to become a more well-rounded, cultured person. Spend the next month learning more about people/concepts/places that are way different from what you’re used to, and just live a little!

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This is a super steamy transit for you, Leo, because Mercury in Pisces is activating your chart’s intimacy zone! *wiggles eyebrows* If you’re looking to take your love life more seriously, this is obvs an amazing time to share erotic, passionate, and meaningful relationship-building experiences with your special someone. If you’re single, though, you’re def catching feelings for your flings. Side note: keep an eye on your inbox! Important info re: debt and bills is incoming soon.


Let down your walls, Virgo, because this transit is all about improving your life through your relationships. Whether you’re spending all your time with your boo, hanging with your bestie 24/7, or looking for love, the next few weeks will provide tons of relationship-building opportunities. By the end of Mercury’s journey through Pisces, you can rest assured that your most important relationships will have all undergone major glow ups.


There are about a trillion things on your to-do list, your phone is constantly buzzing with texts and emails from the boss, and life at the office is high-key taking over right now. This transit is urging you to take care of yourself (aka getting more than five hours of sleep), get shit done, and reorganize your life. Is it fun? Maybe not. Is it tough work? Sure. But is it also necessary work? Absolutely!


Loooooove is in the air, Scorpio! Pisces season, plus Venus in Pisces, plus Mercury in Pisces, are all activating your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone, so life in the bedroom is heating up, there’s loads of romance coming into your love life, and you’re just feeling good! This is one of the luckiest times of year for love, so now’s your golden opportunity to shoot your shot!


You need to chill, Sagittarius bb! 2020 was intense, and all of the Piscean influence going off in your birth chart is begging you to hit “pause” and take some time for R&R. Work from home if you can, sleep in, don’t be afraid of alone time, and reconnect with your family. The next few weeks are urging you to get back in touch with yourself and reconnect with your roots. Take it easy, bb.


Mercury in Pisces is rooting for you to prove that your reputation for being too serious, cold, and stone-faced is completely wrong! You’re a toughie, Capricorn, but you still have a heart! Now’s the time to open up, speak your mind, and listen, too. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to connect with people when you just let your walls down a little, and by the end of this transit you’ll have defs bumped up your emotional IQ a few points!


Who is most important to you? What is most important to you? Mercury in Pisces is asking you to really think about your values and your valuables right now, Aquarius, but instead of intellectualizing and over-analyzing everything, try reflecting on how you feel about these things/people. You don’t need to think of a hundred reasons to justify why you think “x” person is important, or why “y” is one of your strongest values—if they make you feel good, isn’t that enough? You’ll reinforce your sense of self once you’re able to make these determinations, and even though this is sort of a serious transit, it’s still a very productive one!


Mercury spent about a trillion years in Aquarius, stirring up major drama with ex friends/lovers/jobs/etc., and now the planet of communication is finally in your sign! Mercury in your sign only happens once per year, and it’s essentially the best time of year for you to flex your communication skills. Speak your mind! Open up about your feelings! Accept other people’s emotions! If there are any major convos you need to have, or if you want to start The Talk with someone, now is the time to do it!

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