Men reveal why they REFUSE to date 'skinny girls'

Men reveal why they REFUSE to date ‘skinny girls’ and prefer women with curves – saying thinner people ‘suck at cuddling’ and ‘just aren’t attractive’

  • Men from around the world have revealed why they ‘refuse to date skinny girls’ 
  • Shared their honest confessions on anonymous secret sharing app Whisper
  • One said ‘they aren’t good at cuddling’ another said ‘they’re not attractive’ 

Men from around the world have revealed why they ‘refuse’ to date ‘skinny girls’ in startling online confessions. 

Taking to anonymous secret sharing app Whisper, the men explained they favour women with ‘curves, boobs and a butt’ over ones with more slender physiques. 

One man said he doesn’t think skinny girls ‘suck at cuddling’ while another said they ‘don’t have enough boobs or butt’. Several said they simply don’t find slimmer women attractive. 

The gallery also includes posts from men who felt others don’t under stand their preferences, with one writing: ‘I can’t date skinny girls anymore. I just want plump women, but my friends don’t understand.’

Straight to the point: A man from Aurora, Colorado, said there’s nothing better than curves

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