Meghan Markle star sign: What is Meghan Markle’s Zodiac sign?

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You can tell a lot about a person from their star sign and the day and time they were born. Your birth chart reveals not only your star sign but where every planet was at the time of your birth. Being able to read a birth chart is the key to understanding someone on a deeper level.

What is Meghan Markle’s Zodiac sign?

Your Sun sign determines your ego, identity and role in life, and it’s also known as your star sign.

Meghan’s sun sign is Leo, since the Sun was in Leo when she was born.

People with a Leo Sun love the spotlight so you could argue that Meghan was almost destined to be famous, or at least to have a desire to climb the social ladder.

Fame is her destiny, with Sun widely conjuct the North node. This is a symbol for somebody who will be seen in the public eye.

She was born just after the eclipse on July 31, 1981 , giving her a powerful energy.

Her Leo Sun is in the first house, making her fiery, direct, and into drama– all wonderful traits for an actress!

On top of this, she has Mercury in Leo. This is the planet that rules your communication style, how you talk, and how you think.

A Mercury Leo person commands attention when they walk in a room and are often captivating speakers or performers.

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Meghan has received lots of criticism about her emotional tendencies, but this trait is written in the stars.

Meghan’s rising sign is Cancer and this accounts for her sensitive side.

Your rising sign represents the mask you show to the world, and how people interpret your identity and personality.

Those with Cancer rising are very sensitive and kind, and can be very wary of those you first meet.

Meghan’s Cancerian rising plays a part in the couple’s decision to quit their royal duties back in March.

While Meghan loves fame and mingling with likeminded people, she is too sensitive to handle the scrutiny that comes with being a member of the Royal family.

She also has the moon conduct Saturn and Jupiter, giving her a morbid sensitivity.

This could explain her tumultuous relationship with her father, as her chart shows a distance and limit on the love she received.

Cancer is also very defensive, and she also has Mars in Cancer making her assert herself by putting up walls.

The moon conjunct Saturn shows this limit with her family and the Royal Family.

Power struggles and secrets within the family are a theme for her.

She’ll feel as if the best way to build security is to be ambitious, accomplished, emotionally responsible, and helping other people.

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Meghan is a great mother to Archie, her chart suggests.

Her Cancerian ascendant means she is government by the moon, making her instinctively maternal.

Cancers tend to be homemakers, constantly wanting to make a fuss of those around them.

This aspect of her chart makes her truly empathetic and nurturing, which you can see from her charity work.

Meghan has been involved in humanitarian causes surrounding women’s rights and health and much more for a very long time.

Years before she met Prince Harry, Meghan acted on her need to help others by adopting two dogs from an animal shelter.

She told the BBC after her engagement to Prince Harry was announced: “What’s been really exciting, as we talk about this as the transition out of my career… is that the causes that have been very important to me, I can focus even more energy on.”

Meghan’s moon is posited in Libra and at triple conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter.

This is indicative of someone who is managed to strike a balance between realism and dreaming.

Meghan is obviously a very creative and artistic person, considering her successful acting career.

As a child, Meghan would hang around her cinematographer father’s film sets, immersing herself in a creative environment.

She made her dream happen by steadily working towards her goal rather than blindly believing it would happen.

Libra’s are all about fairness, balance and doing the right thing, while Saturn and Jupiter give Meghan that thirst for education and the dedication to get to the finish line.

Meghan Markle is a fighter, shown by her Aries Midheaven.

Your Midheaven is the cusp of the tenth house, and it determines your legacy and lifetime achievements.

People with this placement are determined to succeed and are very ambitious.

This can often come across as arrogant or self-absorbed, since they won’t stop on their mission to accomplish what they want.

Luckily, Meghan’s Cancer Rising balances this harsher side out.

Finally, her Venus is in Virgo making her extremely loyal as a friend or partner.

This is interesting, considering Venus represents what we love… and she married a Virgo!

She may not show a lot of emotion but is extremely sensitive to the opinions of others.

It also suggests that while she may come across as prim and proper at times, she doesn’t really stick to this image.

Meghan has broken royal protocol a number of times, from wearing coloured nail polish to going bare-legged under her dress.

So what does Meghan’s star sign reveal about her relationship with Price Harry?

Their birth charts perfectly mirror each others, making them a great match.

There is a link between her Neptune and Pluto and his moon Chiron.
This connection shows an emotional understanding and a strong sense of security.

Prince Harry is a Virgo, making him her hardworking and kind counterpart– making Meghan feel stable and dependable.

Harry has planets in Sagittarius, giving him that excitable and warm side that we all love.

This perfectly compliments Meghan’s sensitive and empathetic side.

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