Meghan Markle Fans Blast Kate Middleton Over Her Latest Message Promoting Kindness — 'Is Her Kindness Only Limited To Specific People?'

Kate Middleton’s recent video about kindness has sparked some intense backlash from Meghan Markle fans. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, took part in a video meeting with school children in Blackpool where she highlighted the importance of kindness. Although her message was very positive, fans cried foul and blasted her for not being kind to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, when she was still a part of the royal family.

Inside Kate Middleton’s new video promoting kindness

Kate and other members of the royal family have been holding virtual meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic. In one of her most recent engagements, Kate talked with children at the Waterloo Primary Academy.

A clip of her meeting was posted on social media, offering royalwatchers a look at her virtual meeting. The video begins with Kate telling thechildren that she wanted to discuss “the importance of being kind andlooking after one another.”

“Who wants to tell me what kindness means to them?” sheadded.

Some of the children stated that being kind means to treat othershow you want to be treated and sharing with one another. Kate wholeheartedlyagreed with the children and made it clear that being kind should be everyone’stop priority.

The video was meant to spread a positive message among children, but some fans quickly criticized Kate for not following her own advice about being kind. This is especially true when it came to Kate’s rocky relationship with Meghan.

A look at Kate and Meghan feud

Kate and Meghan faced plenty of feud rumors during the two years the Duchess of Sussex was a part of the royal family. The feud talk started in the fall of 2018 when Meghan and Harry decided to move from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage.

At the time, inside sources claimed that there was a lot of beef between Prince Harry and Prince William and that their feud caused a rift between the couples. Rumors had it that Harry did not appreciate William’s advice about taking things slow with Meghan.

Reports then surfaced that Meghan and Kate got into a major fightprior to her wedding in 2018. Sources said that Meghan left Kate in tears aftershe tried to get a dress fitted for Princess Charlotte.

The two seemingly made up in December of 2018 when the royalsgathered for their annual Christmas celebrations at Sandringham. Althoughpalace officials denied the feud, there were reports that Kate and Meghan putaside their differences over the holidays.

From that point, many of the rumors focused on William and Harry’s row, which the Duke of Sussex alluded to in an interview last fall. The feud speculation heated up even more after Harry and Meghan announced their exit from the royal family in January.

We do not know where things currently stand between Kate andMeghan, but fans did not appreciate the Duchess of Cambridge’s recent video onkindness.

Fans blast Kate Middleton for not being kind to Meghan Markle

Shortly after Kate’s new video was posted on social media, fans commented about how they do not think she is following her own advice about kindness. Some fans blasted Kate for the way she treated the former Suits star and questioned if she should be pushing that kind of message.

“Considering the way that Meghan was treated byher, I’mnot really sure that she’s the best spokesperson for the concept of kindnesstowards others,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Ooh Really? Sheshould have started that kindness from home by showing Meghan some bit ofkindness.”

Another fan on Twitter thought that Kate’s video must “be ajoke,” while others chimed in that the Duchess should “practice”what she preaches.

A few of her followers also pointed out that Kate’s school engagement was similar to one of Meghan’s recent events. As fans will recall, the Duchess of Sussex spoke at her former high school for the class of 2020.

Kate, of course, has not commented on the rumors surrounding herrelationship with Meghan. The Duchess is currently living at her countryestate, Anmer Hall, while areas of the world continue to ease up lockdownrestrictions.

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