Maya Jama’s boobs spill from skimpy corset after she denies rapper B Young fling

Former Radio 1 host Maya Jama certainly cranked up the heat with her latest scorching social media reveal that demanded attention.

The stunning 26-year-old, who often documents her daily routine over on her Instagram story, couldn't resist flashing her ample cleavage as she rocked an eye-popping corset.

Channelling her inner Cruella de vil, she wore a figure-hugging top, boasting Dalmatian black spots that were scattered all over the satin white material.

Maya certainly got fans fired up, taking to her camera to touch up her locks as she sat next to Big Narstie during filming of the ITV hip hop comedy show, Don't Hate The Playaz.

The tiny garment struggled to contain her ample assets as Maya played up in front of the lens in the sizzling video.

Flicking her raven tresses, that had been groomed into luscious waves and styled into a half up and half down hair do, she radiated appeal.

In true Maya fashion, she added a touch of glam with some larger-than-life statement diamond earrings and a flimsy gold chain, complete with a pendant.

The Instagram segment lands after Maya found herself having to deny claims she was sleeping with rapper B Young.

A fan seemed to rattle her cage after they took to Twitter with a screen shot of a comment, that suggested she was "macking byoung".

According to the urban dictionary "macking" could be a word used to describe intensely making out with someone or flirting ostentatiously with the opposite sex.

Either way, Maya was less than impressed and having absolutely none of it.

And so, she chirped back: "I heard your mum was playing his song yesterday, she must be macking too."

After seeing the exchange, another admirer retweeted the text, exclaiming: "100000% I love @mayajama. Being a woman in the music industry is hard work."

In response, Maya explained: "Lol UPDATE: ladies we can not listen to a male artist without s***ging him."

Stormy's ex had clearly had enough of the rumour mill spinning into overdrive this week, especially after claims emerged to suggest she and Wes Nelson were enjoying a romance after they had shared a number of pictures together.

Running to the defence of the Save Our Summer host, one person shared the recent speculation relating to the Love Island star and penned: "Maya Jama is a prime example of you can't have boy mates without instantly everyone thinking you're s***ging."

Not holding back on the matter, the brunette wrote back: "Oh honey it's been this way.

"This is after he was on my team for a TV show but I've learnt even if I stood there with a sign on my head saying presenter at work, if I'm next to a man people will act like I linked him down the road for a snog."

She continued to fume: "It is a bit f***ed when I think about it. I'll be doing my job minding my business, and next thing you know I'm on a blog with a 12-year-old debating how many men I've been with from selfies they've seen."

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