Maya Jama, Chessie King, Nadya Okamato and Jada Sezer front body positive swimwear campaign for Adidas

Adidas have launched a body positive swim campaign just in time for the heat wave as the sportswear brand pairs up with presenter Maya Jama, social entrepreneur and activist, Nadya Okamato, influencer Chessie King and model and body positive warrior, Jada Sezer for an empowering swimwear shoot to launch their latest range.

The collection of pieces are under the SH3.RO umbrella but the campaign itself is called 'My Body, My Swim' and invites these four impressive women to discuss their experiences and stories of owning the water.

We know from past research that girls hit puberty and become more conscious about their bodies they are more likely to drop out of sporting activities and of course swimming is an activity that for many creates a mind field of body confidence issues.

All four women open up about how the enjoyment of water and swimming from when they were tiny disappeared when as the brand puts it "unrealistic beauty standards and anxiety soon got in the way."

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Maya wears: black swimsuit, £54.95, Adidas

But Maya Jama has one big key message for fans, "We’ve got one body, so we should love it, and treat it with respect and kindness."

And that's what this campaign is about, embracing yourself, your abilities and your right to enjoy summer and swimming.

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And Jada Sezer, a model and body positivity warrior couldn't agree more: “We need to let go of the idea of having to constantly be beautiful or having a certain body type."

If you're one of Chessie King's 834K followers, then you'll know that this blonde beauty is all about female empowerment and embracing your curves, "I wasted so many years trying to look perfect in a bikini. But for who? For men? For other women to look at me and think, 'Oh my God, she’s got a great body'? I wish I could tell 17-year old Chessie 'Your body is phenomenal. Think of what it is doing for you right now—it’s keeping you afloat and alive. Don’t waste anymore time."

Jada wears: Bikini top, £42.95, Adidas

Briefs, £22.95, Adidas

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And we couldn't agree more.

Activist Nadya, has happily noticed a shift in society that means this campaign couldn't be more timely. "We are entering a very exciting time when brands and people in power are realising the diverse array of human experience."

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Swimsuit, £37.59, Adidas

So whatever you're doing this summer. Don't put off swimming or sunbathing for fear of others opinions. And follow these four empowered women to a more body positive place.

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