‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Preview: CeeLo Green Confesses He’s ‘Purposely’ Tried To Push Shani Away

CeeLo Green opens up about his tough childhood in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.’ He also admits he’s been ‘difficult’ for Shani to deal with throughout their relationship.

The Boot Campers have to participate in the “Scarred for Life” exercise and have to face their pasts. CeeLo Green reveals in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 26 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition that he was spat on as a child and it was a very jarring experience for him. “I felt like it was something racist,” he says. As for Shani, she faced a devastating loss at just 4 years old. Her sister passed away just 7 weeks after she was born.

“My mom wasn’t as present,” Shani says about what happened after her sister’s death. “I used to sit in the window and just watch cars drive by. I used to always be like, ‘That’s my mom.’” Dr. Ish notes that what the Boot Campers are looking for as kids are the exact same things they’re looking for as adults. “But as an adult, you can have some control over some things,” he adds. Shani is still watching out for CeeLo just like she did with her mom. “

CeeLo is aware that he hasn’t been the easiest person to be in a relationship with. “I know that I have been difficult and I have purposely tried to push her away,” CeeLo admits in his confessional. “If she still loves me in spite of all that, I’m a very blessed and favored individual.”

The synopsis for the March 26 episode reads: “The Boot Campers reveal shocking traumas when they are forced to confront their childhood scars. Michel’le struggles to face her past & questions her rocky relationship with Stew.” Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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