Many British Citizens Believe Prince Charles is Too Disloyal to Be a Good King

One of the most important traits for any ruler is loyalty. WhenQueen Elizabeth turned 21 in 1947, she made a speech that’s stillrelevant today. She said, “I declare before you all that my whole lifewhether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service ofour great imperial family to which we all belong.” So far, she’s kept up thatpromise.

And now that the queen is getting older, citizens arestarting to think about how themonarchy will change once she dies and Prince Charles become the king. Somemore optimistic royal followers are hoping the queen will simplyskip Charles in the line of succession and promote Prince William instead.

However, there’s almost no chance of that happening, nomatter how unpopular the Prince of Wales is.

People find Prince Charles to be disloyal

So far, Charles has never betrayed his country — at leastnot as far as they know. But he did betray someone very important who he hadvowed to love and honor until death parted them.

The public fell in love with young Diana Spencer, a womanliving out a real-life fairytale when she married the most eligible bachelor inBritain. There was just one problem: Prince Charles was in love with someoneelse the whole time, and eventually, he rekindledthe physical part when he began having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowleswhile he was still married to Princess Diana.

Most people took Diana’s side

There was nothing secret about Prince Charles’s affair.Diana knew it was going on and so did everyone else. Eventually, things got sobad between this royal couple that they formally separated, though they didn’tdivorce immediately because of the royal family’s negative feelings towards brokenmarriages.

All along people saw Diana as an innocent victim, Camillaas an evil homewrecker, and Charles as a cruel, disloyal husband. Thosefeelings escalated dramatically after Diana’s tragic death in 1997. It took along time for the Prince of Wales to rebuild his reputation after the massivescandal of his affair, and in some ways, he never did.

Will Charles be a good king?

Prince Charles has been getting ready to take the throne for more than 70 years — he’s the longest-serving heir apparent in history. But does that mean he’ll make a good leader? There are mixed opinions on that.

Diana allegedly told her butler Paul Burrell that her husband wasnot “notfit for the top job.” But she had an extremely biased opinion.Charles’s popularity has gradually improved over the years and the public haseven come around on Camilla, who will serve beside him now that they’re married.

Charles alsohasa reputation for being sensitive, stubborn, snobbish, and unwilling toentertain opinions different from his own.

Tradition is more important than popularity in the line of succession

Ultimately,it doesn’t matter if Charles is popular or not — as the heir apparent, there’snot much that could keep him from becoming the reigning monarch.

One thingCharles has going for him is his work ethic. He does an extraordinary number ofroyal engagements and visits, which is a huge part of the role of reigningmonarch. Based on these actions alone, he’s going to fill the role his motherpaved brilliantly.

It’s truethat Prince Charles cheated on Diana. But there’s almost no chance he would betrayhis country in that way.

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